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{currently} august

drinking decaf coffee, hoping i get back on the good sleep wagon

watching season seven of how i met your mother with greg

eating all the contents of the freezer before my first quarter cow comes in the fall

working on wrapping up my current project at my client

traveling more than i would like to be, but happy to see family and friends

reading books again, after a few month break

knitting a blanket very slowly

decorating the office

loving project life more and more as the year goes on

walking with the doodle, 8 miles to go to meet “our” summer goal

waiting for my sister and her family to arrive for an eleven day visit!

looking forward to the next sounders game and clint dempsey’s home game debut

wishing i wasn’t reacting to my wedding band so i could look like a proper married lady

making some changes around here to give us more time together

ignoring our disaster of a backyard

dreaming about our favorite restaurants we’ll get to visit in san francisco next month

being thankful for an amazing summer

smiling while editing photos of family and friends


{may 2013} currently

{reading} a little bit of everything, as usual.

{watching} the latest season of parenthood while greg travels, the final season of the office when he’s home.

{listening} fun.’s album has been on repeat all month after our trip to nyc.

{learning} how to manage a yard and care for house plants.

{eating} anything that can be thrown on the bbq.

{sweating} at crossfit, three or four days a week.

{drinking} beer when it’s sunny, knowing i’m giving it up for eight weeks.

{enjoying} the sounders crawling their way out of last place and up in the standings.

{wearing} jeans and boots, still. c’mon seattle.

{anticipating} eastern washington trips this summer with my husband and dog.