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22 Memories at 22 Months

Paige will be 22 months on the 28th, and since I haven’t written anything in six months it’s probably time to write down a few of her quirks, mannerisms, and general loveliness before we forget.

She used to say ‘milk’ and ‘bottle’. Now she just says ‘muckle’. 

Yes, she still drinks a bottle before nap and bed. I don’t have that fight in me right now. 

The way she’s says ‘hello’ makes my heart melt. I really need to get it on video. 

She started to say ‘brother’, and I think she gets that a baby is coming, but who knows.

She loves to pat to right where she wants you to sit. Which is usually not the eaiest location for my 35 year old, 6 month pregnant body. 

She has zero interest in opening presents this year.

She was not into Santa at all. We ended up taking a family photo in which she sat with her back to him. We may not even bother with this tradition in future years because there about a thousand better ways we could have spent 90 minutes of family time. (And I’m a total curmudgeon who has hated santa and the idea of santa since I was 3 years old.)

She wears size 18-24 months clothes – took a year and a half but we caught up!

She says 2-3 new words a day. They are always surprising as they are things I have no idea she knows. Yestersay I asked if she wanted fish for lunch. She responded with “ummm, steak?” Well okay then. 

She loves animals. Naming them and making their sounds are her favorite current activities. 

Book nerd! It’s fun (and exhausting) that she will now sit for an extended story time. She will also review her bookshelf for a good long time while she picks exactly what book she wants.

She mostly sleeps through the night, but she’s back in our bed. We’re hoping to get back into her room starting next week. We started with new fun lion bedding for her bed. 

She has been so good with the Christmas tree! All the breakable ornaments are above her level, and she made takes one or two of the safe ones off a day, but that’s about it.

She loves the Wiggles. She can sing many of their songs along with them and makes all the hand motions and dance moves. 

She’s uninterested in anything animated (another trait she got from me). 

She sings Twinkle Twinkle on her own and it’s damn adorable.

She says ‘thank you’ about 90% of the time. We just model it, don’t teach it, and I’m really amazed at how well this has worked. If you don’t say ‘you’re welcome’ quick enough, she says it again. I’ve read ‘please’ comes much later developmentally. 

She is really into the dog right now. She calls him Buddy and always has to know where he is. She loves to give him treats and insists that he follows us upstairs or downstairs. He’s in it for the treats she wants to give him all day. 

She loves to announce “poo poo” loudly when someone walks into a bathroom. Working on that one.

She loooves being outside and going for walks. She says ‘walk’ fifty times a day and will bring out our shoes if we’re not getting moving on her timeline. 

She likes to sit on her mini potty fully clothed, but has no real interest in potty learning yet.

She refuses any sort of bows in her hair. Sadness. 

San Diego Vacation Days 1,  2 and 3

We arrived in San Diego Saturday evening for a week of family time and a big family reunion for my dad’s side of the family. 

We rented the most adorable little house in Encinitas for our family vacay portion of the trip. It’s perfect – 2 min walk to park, 10 minute walk to beach or downtown shops/restaurants/Whole Foods.

The house has everything we need for a toddler (mat or pack n play for sleeping, booster seat, bubbles, puzzles, and other toys) and trips to the beach. It really was an amazing find, and maybe 10% more than an average hotel. But about 200 times better because we don’t have to take a toddler out to eat for every meal and there’s a bedroom we can out her in to sleep at 7pm. I’m happy to share the info if anyone is interested in the property!

Anyway, we flew down Saturday afternoon. Flying at 16 months is not fun – too old to nap, too young to care about screentime. We entertained the little monkey however we could. And snacks. All the snacks. 

We didn’t get to San Diego until 5:30 and by the time we got bags, car, and stopped at Whole Foods for dinner, it was someone’s bedtime. We originally got the house instead of a hotel so we could have a room to put her to sleep in without having to sit in the dark after she goes to bed. But her sleep is so bad right now we still sat in the dark on our computers in the living room, less we make a peep and wake her up. 

In the brilliant words of our good friend Jon: there is no such thing as a vacation with a kid, there are trips. 

Sunday was so much fun! 

Paige woke up at 6:05 and was a total grump from not enough sleep. Greg had some work he needed to get done so he could shut off for the week, so I took her to the park that is about 100 yards from the house. We were there at 7:02am.

After 30 minutes of melt downs I gave up and put her in the car. She took a nap for awhile while I drove around. The we hit up Whole Foods (trip 2) to get goodies for the week and for the BBQ we were hosting. 

Our friends Ashley and John and their one year old live in San Diego so we invited them to come over. I also invited my best friend, her husband and their three year old to come down from LA. Then my sister ended up being in town early for that reunion too, and since her kids are the same ages, we added them to the mix. It definitely filled up the casita! There were a few tears, but for the most part a ton of laughs and a great time visiting with people we don’t get to see often. 

I took no photos, but here are a few from others. 

Paige and Owen, with my nephew Oliver with his back to the camera.

Paige and Sloane, who thinks P gives the best hugs and kisses. 

Monday we took advantage of the nearby beach and had a beach morning. We packed up this fun cart with toys, snacks, towels, all the sunscreens, an umbrella,  and a cute toddler. We rolled her and all the stuff right from the house to the beach. 

We left our phones away to keep out sand and to spend time together so I didn’t get many photos. 

Our beach babe loves the water. We took turns chasing her in to splash in the waves. Like with most things, she has no fear of the water. 

We headed home to try to get her to nap. As usual, that was a failure so Greg took her to a car nap while I got a few thigs done. 

In the early afternoon we walked into town. First stop: kombucha on tap at the local vegan cafe. So tasty. 

We walked forever until we found a park to play in for an hour or so until it was late enough to eat an early dinner. 

Dinner at the fish shop! It was so good and they had a kids menu that didn’t have typical kids junk food on it. Yay. 

We walked back home and hit the park near or I rental again. I swear, day to day parenting is a lot of trying to figure out how to pass another hour. I can’t be alone with this thought, right? 

We got P down to sleep (or maybe we didn’t, honestly the nights all blend together these days) and I headed to the yoga studio on the propert (a little one room studio that I’m guessing they legally can’t call a bedroom so call it the yoga studio instead) to do some yoga. Loved this mat when I rolled it out!

Next up: Paige and I take Greg to Legoland to fulfill a childhood dream! 

Paige at 16.5 Months 

What’s going on in PC’s world, in a ten bullet list format:

  • Balls. She loves balls right now. She recently learned the word so she points out every ball she sees and her favorite toy is an old gross tennis ball of Alfred’s. 
  • Birds. We’ve moved on from dog obsession to bird obsession. She calls then “bac bacs”, which is her attempt at saying “quack quack”. It’s applied liberally to anything that flies.
  • Climbing. All the climbing. She’s constantly climbing furniture.
  • Stair fall. We had a little incident recently where Alfred knocked her all the way down the stairs. She’s fine, but it was scary.
  • Good byes. She’s said “Buh bye” a few times in the past, but the last two weeks she’s using it way more and she can anticipate the end of a conversation. She also tells Greg “buh bye” when’s she’s ready to go to bed so he’ll leave the room (input her to bed because at the moment that is the only way she’ll go down). #everythingisaphase
  • Nursing. We’re down to just before bed and in middle of the night. I wish it was nothing, I’m SO DONE, but she is not so I’m trying to be gentle with my weaning. You can read more about the rocky road it’s been here
  • Mimicking. She copies so much of what we do now. Hilarious and scary! If you squat down to talk with her, she’ll squat too. Or she’ll copy a routine we have, like putting Alfred’s pillow away in the morning, that I didn’t realize she noticed. She also likes to take wash clothes and kitchen towels and wipe down the floor. Obviously she’s learned that from me. 😉
  • Not sleeping. She’s teething and not sleeping and we’re just going with it. Hopefully her canines will break through by the time we’re back from vacation and she’ll sleep in her room again. We’d be (even more) exhausted if we tried to fight her sleep patterns so we’ve learned to just roll with them. She’ll sleep through the night in her own bed in high school, right? 
  • Dancing. This girl still loves dancing. She will dance anywhere if she hears a little music. Or if someone says the word “dance”. 
  • People. She loves loves loves people. I’m finishing this up while she eats her snack at the zoo and all she’s done in the hour we’ve been here is watch people, wave to them, ask them to pick her up, and climb. 

Fourth of July

We’re on our way home from another Fourth of July with good friends on Camano Island.

Because we had to time car naps and hope for not being up all night, so we left at 4pm. Before dinner and hours before fireworks. #parentlife

I just had the brilliant idea that I can blog from my phone, and maybe there’s a small chance some of our adventures will be documented!

So here’s 4th of July. Paige is 16 months old. We joined our good friends at Becca’s childhood home on Camano Island (about an hour north of Seattle).

The small town has a parade to kick off the holiday. And this year was a typical 60 degree 4th. Summer in Seattle starts on July 5th.

This is the view from the Holland’s home and backyard. NOT BAD.

Paige is obsessed with wearing everything right now. Including buckets.
She’s also into climbing into chairs, and was very excited to find this pint sized one.

Family photo. Because we never take them and I’m trying to get better about that.

Hope you had a great holiday!

Paige at 15.5 Months

I’ve done a terrible job of documenting Paige’s life. I started off strong, and have pretty much tapered to nothing. I am using the 1 Second Everyday app, which is super fun, but it doesn’t really tell any of the stories.

So, here’s the first ten things that come to mind about Paige right now, at 15.5 months. And a few unedited pictures. Because something is better than nothing, right?

  1. Paige LOVES dogs. She calls them “woof woofs” and gets so excited when she sees one. She points out our windows to the park all day saying “woof woof”.
  2. Paige talks all the time, and says a handful of understandable words: dada, mama, up (which means “up”, “down”, or “i want out of my carseat”), ball, Alfred (“al-bed”), grandma (“mo-ma”), all done, this (all day long she says “this” and points to things), thank you (some gibberish if you hand her something), and “woof woof”.
  3. Paige loves water. So far this summer we’ve been to the beach twice, swimming twice, and to the splash park. She has loved every second. At the splash park she was in the biggest sprays. I learned not to wear a thin cotton dress to the splash park.
  4. Paige sleeps. Sort of. I hesitate writing this because I 100% believe in jinxing children’s sleep. But she wakes up 1-2 times a night now, during a 12 hour period, which is light years better than 4-6 like we did for the first 14 months. (Literally 5 minutes after I wrote this sentence she woke up. WHEN WILL I LEARN THAT BABY SLEEP IS LIKE FIGHT CLUB.)
  5. Paige likes to go up and down our stairs on her own. She’s getting better at climbing down stairs, but still usually sits down and scoots if she’s not being assisted.
  6. Paige is a great eater. The only thing she won’t currently eat is broccoli. She eats meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables. I tried to give her some cheese the other day and she looked at me like I was giving her poison. If I hadn’t spent 43 hours birthing her, I would question if she is mine.
  7. Paige loves Alfred. She follows him around, hugs him, always is ready to grab his leash and give him a “walk”. He is coming around to her and tolerates her quite a bit, even parading around with her while she walks him.
  8. Paige weighs 17 lbs and 13oz. At her 15 month appointment she had moved up to the 7.8%. Quite an accomplishment for the girl who was in the 3rd percent for quite some time.
  9. Paige poses for the camera now and needs to see the photo after you take it.
  10. Paige does not like toys. Do any kids? She spends MAYBE four minutes a day playing with toys and all the rest of the day trying to play with real life objects.

Apparently I can’t add photos because I’ve reached my “plan limit” and I’m too tired to figure that out right now, but she’s really darn cute.


Hello There

Friends! It’s been quite some time since I’ve stopped in here. 2.5 months to be exact. Since then, Paige has turned one and started part time daycare. That’s right, I’m officially a (part time) working mama. I’m so excited to introduce you to my second baby – Small Bites Wellness.

If you are interested in nutrition and wellness, I invite you to join me on my new website. I’ve been writing articles for the last few months, but just this week I opened up my nutritional therapy services and shortly will be opening group nutrition classes. The first class is around nutrition to optimize fertility, which will be offered this spring. I hope to offer a general nutrition class starting in the summer, as well.

I hope to get back into the habit of documenting our personal life here. At the moment all my efforts are going into building a business (the paperwork! the technology! the headaches!), but I do hope that dies down eventually. For the meantime, here’s baby girl at her first birthday party. We love her more than words can say and watching her enter toddlerhood both breaks my heart and expands it daily.


what I want to remember | month nine

Slowly catching up on documenting Paige’s first year by month. Her ninth month was end of October to end of November 2015. IMG_2214I want to remember that you were a pumpkin for your first Halloween. I want to see how many years I can dress you in “P” costumes until you decided to pick your own. We didn’t actually do anything for the holiday as we were working on getting you to sleep in your crib, but we did visit Dad’s work for happy hour the day before.

IMG_2246I want to remember that you were able to stand long enough for me to take a photo.

IMG_2195I want to remember that I forgot a baby carrier when we went to the store one day, so you sat in the grocery cart for the first time and were amazed. You looked around with a big smile on your face the entire time.

IMG_0052I want to remember that you love our coop infant class. So many toys and other kids to play with, definitely a highlight of our week. IMG_2240I want to remember that we got you to sleep in your crib. And only wake up 2-3 times a night. Hallelujah! It took a lot of work and was a slow process, but we made it. We started with crib play time and eventually made it to sleeping there at night and for naps.

IMG_0098I want to remember that you slowly became more stable as you stood up. You started playing with toys while standing, which, for whatever reason, really made you seem like a little person and no longer a baby. IMG_0099I want to remember that our night time routine is still one of my favorite parts of the day. We all play together for twenty minutes in your room and you LOVE having both of our attention on you.

IMG_0107I want to remember that you started the ‘socks off’ game. I feel like I put your socks back on you ten times a day.

IMG_0159I want to remember that you discovered the stairs. You make a break for it whenever you have a chance. And you are FAST.

IMG_9347I want to remember your smile. And your nose. And your eyes. Just all of it, really.

IMG_0217I want to remember that you made your first Palm Desert visit for Thanksgiving. You swam with dad, played in the grass, and had lots of grandparent and cousin time.

IMG_2211I want to remember our adventures around town. I love having you as my little buddy as we run various errands.

IMG_2244I want to remember play dates with our PEPS friends. I hope that we continue to get together and you are all friends as you grow up.

MartinMini4 I want to remember our family holiday photo session. Because that face.

I want to remember that one day before you turned nine months, you learned to walk.