22 Memories at 22 Months

Paige will be 22 months on the 28th, and since I haven’t written anything in six months it’s probably time to write down a few of her quirks, mannerisms, and general loveliness before we forget.

She used to say ‘milk’ and ‘bottle’. Now she just says ‘muckle’. 

Yes, she still drinks a bottle before nap and bed. I don’t have that fight in me right now. 

The way she’s says ‘hello’ makes my heart melt. I really need to get it on video. 

She started to say ‘brother’, and I think she gets that a baby is coming, but who knows.

She loves to pat to right where she wants you to sit. Which is usually not the eaiest location for my 35 year old, 6 month pregnant body. 

She has zero interest in opening presents this year.

She was not into Santa at all. We ended up taking a family photo in which she sat with her back to him. We may not even bother with this tradition in future years because there about a thousand better ways we could have spent 90 minutes of family time. (And I’m a total curmudgeon who has hated santa and the idea of santa since I was 3 years old.)

She wears size 18-24 months clothes – took a year and a half but we caught up!

She says 2-3 new words a day. They are always surprising as they are things I have no idea she knows. Yestersay I asked if she wanted fish for lunch. She responded with “ummm, steak?” Well okay then. 

She loves animals. Naming them and making their sounds are her favorite current activities. 

Book nerd! It’s fun (and exhausting) that she will now sit for an extended story time. She will also review her bookshelf for a good long time while she picks exactly what book she wants.

She mostly sleeps through the night, but she’s back in our bed. We’re hoping to get back into her room starting next week. We started with new fun lion bedding for her bed. 

She has been so good with the Christmas tree! All the breakable ornaments are above her level, and she made takes one or two of the safe ones off a day, but that’s about it.

She loves the Wiggles. She can sing many of their songs along with them and makes all the hand motions and dance moves. 

She’s uninterested in anything animated (another trait she got from me). 

She sings Twinkle Twinkle on her own and it’s damn adorable.

She says ‘thank you’ about 90% of the time. We just model it, don’t teach it, and I’m really amazed at how well this has worked. If you don’t say ‘you’re welcome’ quick enough, she says it again. I’ve read ‘please’ comes much later developmentally. 

She is really into the dog right now. She calls him Buddy and always has to know where he is. She loves to give him treats and insists that he follows us upstairs or downstairs. He’s in it for the treats she wants to give him all day. 

She loves to announce “poo poo” loudly when someone walks into a bathroom. Working on that one.

She loooves being outside and going for walks. She says ‘walk’ fifty times a day and will bring out our shoes if we’re not getting moving on her timeline. 

She likes to sit on her mini potty fully clothed, but has no real interest in potty learning yet.

She refuses any sort of bows in her hair. Sadness. 

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