Paige at 15.5 Months

I’ve done a terrible job of documenting Paige’s life. I started off strong, and have pretty much tapered to nothing. I am using the 1 Second Everyday app, which is super fun, but it doesn’t really tell any of the stories.

So, here’s the first ten things that come to mind about Paige right now, at 15.5 months. And a few unedited pictures. Because something is better than nothing, right?

  1. Paige LOVES dogs. She calls them “woof woofs” and gets so excited when she sees one. She points out our windows to the park all day saying “woof woof”.
  2. Paige talks all the time, and says a handful of understandable words: dada, mama, up (which means “up”, “down”, or “i want out of my carseat”), ball, Alfred (“al-bed”), grandma (“mo-ma”), all done, this (all day long she says “this” and points to things), thank you (some gibberish if you hand her something), and “woof woof”.
  3. Paige loves water. So far this summer we’ve been to the beach twice, swimming twice, and to the splash park. She has loved every second. At the splash park she was in the biggest sprays. I learned not to wear a thin cotton dress to the splash park.
  4. Paige sleeps. Sort of. I hesitate writing this because I 100% believe in jinxing children’s sleep. But she wakes up 1-2 times a night now, during a 12 hour period, which is light years better than 4-6 like we did for the first 14 months. (Literally 5 minutes after I wrote this sentence she woke up. WHEN WILL I LEARN THAT BABY SLEEP IS LIKE FIGHT CLUB.)
  5. Paige likes to go up and down our stairs on her own. She’s getting better at climbing down stairs, but still usually sits down and scoots if she’s not being assisted.
  6. Paige is a great eater. The only thing she won’t currently eat is broccoli. She eats meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables. I tried to give her some cheese the other day and she looked at me like I was giving her poison. If I hadn’t spent 43 hours birthing her, I would question if she is mine.
  7. Paige loves Alfred. She follows him around, hugs him, always is ready to grab his leash and give him a “walk”. He is coming around to her and tolerates her quite a bit, even parading around with her while she walks him.
  8. Paige weighs 17 lbs and 13oz. At her 15 month appointment she had moved up to the 7.8%. Quite an accomplishment for the girl who was in the 3rd percent for quite some time.
  9. Paige poses for the camera now and needs to see the photo after you take it.
  10. Paige does not like toys. Do any kids? She spends MAYBE four minutes a day playing with toys and all the rest of the day trying to play with real life objects.

Apparently I can’t add photos because I’ve reached my “plan limit” and I’m too tired to figure that out right now, but she’s really darn cute.


3 thoughts on “Paige at 15.5 Months

  1. Holly

    Ah, this was sweet to hear!

    Also I got a chuckle at the end because I keep telling people how afraid I am of having a huge baby and they look at me like “Oh, it hardly ever happens!” But w just don’t seem to grow small people in my family (My wiry framed, 6’5 60 year old uncle was 11 lbs at birth and I think the hospital folks had a a heart attack!) Obviously as the person who has to actually has birth my child — you know, IT’S A FEAR. 🙂

    Anyway, we saw my cousin this weekend who just had a baby 10 weeks ago and he is now almost 16 lbs. (No crazy complications, no GD, just an 11 lb baby at birth who just KEEPS GETTING BIGGER AAAAAAH.) So reading sweet Paige’s stats made me panic again slightly. But I also SO APPRECIATE reading these kinds of updates. Makes me feel like things will be challenging, but that everyone is surviving! So thanks. 🙂

    1. Beth Martin Post author

      Oh my gosh, baby size is so impossible to predict! Some are just like their parents (like Paige, I also weighed 17# at a year, and was three weeks late and still under 7 pounds). My good mom friend whose little guy is two months older than P is pretty small and her husband is definitely on the small side of men. They had a 10+ pound baby who weights 30lbs now.

      And yes, we are surviving. Some days thriving, some days we are getting buy on tortilla chips, salsa, and beer. But we have yet to not survive a day. 😉


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