what I want to remember | month nine

Slowly catching up on documenting Paige’s first year by month. Her ninth month was end of October to end of November 2015. IMG_2214I want to remember that you were a pumpkin for your first Halloween. I want to see how many years I can dress you in “P” costumes until you decided to pick your own. We didn’t actually do anything for the holiday as we were working on getting you to sleep in your crib, but we did visit Dad’s work for happy hour the day before.

IMG_2246I want to remember that you were able to stand long enough for me to take a photo.

IMG_2195I want to remember that I forgot a baby carrier when we went to the store one day, so you sat in the grocery cart for the first time and were amazed. You looked around with a big smile on your face the entire time.

IMG_0052I want to remember that you love our coop infant class. So many toys and other kids to play with, definitely a highlight of our week. IMG_2240I want to remember that we got you to sleep in your crib. And only wake up 2-3 times a night. Hallelujah! It took a lot of work and was a slow process, but we made it. We started with crib play time and eventually made it to sleeping there at night and for naps.

IMG_0098I want to remember that you slowly became more stable as you stood up. You started playing with toys while standing, which, for whatever reason, really made you seem like a little person and no longer a baby. IMG_0099I want to remember that our night time routine is still one of my favorite parts of the day. We all play together for twenty minutes in your room and you LOVE having both of our attention on you.

IMG_0107I want to remember that you started the ‘socks off’ game. I feel like I put your socks back on you ten times a day.

IMG_0159I want to remember that you discovered the stairs. You make a break for it whenever you have a chance. And you are FAST.

IMG_9347I want to remember your smile. And your nose. And your eyes. Just all of it, really.

IMG_0217I want to remember that you made your first Palm Desert visit for Thanksgiving. You swam with dad, played in the grass, and had lots of grandparent and cousin time.

IMG_2211I want to remember our adventures around town. I love having you as my little buddy as we run various errands.

IMG_2244I want to remember play dates with our PEPS friends. I hope that we continue to get together and you are all friends as you grow up.

MartinMini4 I want to remember our family holiday photo session. Because that face.

I want to remember that one day before you turned nine months, you learned to walk.

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