what I want to remember | month eight

I swore I was going to keep up with these, but clearly I’ve failed. PC is about to turn ten months old and here I am recapping month eight. But, I’m giving myself grace and getting it done. I’d really like to turn this series into some sort of photo book since I didn’t do a traditional baby book for her. Anyway, on to month eight… which was October… 


I want to remember the bows. I’m not really into dressing you up like a girly girl, but these boys from June & January are my very favorite thing in your wardrobe. You wear them often. IMG_1856

I want to remember (?) that this was the worst month for sleep. That’s saying a lot since you, frankly, are a terrible sleeper. You moved into our bed at night (which means one of us was sitting with you in the dark starting at 7pm) and we drove you around for every single nap. We survived, but it was dark.


I want to remember the friends from our PEPS group. I’m so glad we’ve stayed in touch with a few moms and babies and we have play dates. You guys are fun to watch as you are starting to interact a little with each other. IMG_1889

I want to remember that I set you up on your push toy and you took off! I was shocked when you took it across the room. You are so tiny, seeing you walk is pretty funny. IMG_2190

I want to remember that we’re getting ready for winter and finding new places to play, like the mall play space. Working on your immune system! IMG_2092

I want to remember the trip to Boston and Rhode Island for Uncle Mike and Aunt Kelly’s wedding! We stayed in lots of hotel rooms and had many events to attend, and you were such a trooper! IMG_1928

I want to remember that we made a quick weekend trip to California to meet your great-grandma. You have two great-grandma’s named Clara and now you’ve met them both! IMG_1871

I want to remember that we got you a high chair. You’re tiny, so we also had to get an insert. You love sitting in it and it makes feeding you so much easier. IMG_1842 (1)

I want to remember that I can take you on lunch dates now! Mostly we go to Chipotle and you eat guacamole. You are definitely my child with your love of avocado. IMG_1954

I want to remember that you started to eat food you can feed yourself this month. The first thing was a scrambled egg yolk. Alfred wins with this new scenario as you only manage to get about 50% of what we give you in your mouth. IMG_1880

Speaking of Alfred, I want to remember that you’re really into his toy basket. We try to keep you out of it, both because gross and out of respect for the doodle, but it really is your favorite. IMG_2027

I want to remember that you moved out of your baby tub and into the big tub. You kept trying to climb out and it was getting dangerous, so into the big tub you went. IMG_1991

I want to remember that you had some serious teething this month, which resulted in four more teeth! You now have two bottom teeth and four top teeth. IMG_2015

I want to remember that we took you to the pumpkin patch for the first time this month. You had no clue what was going on, but I’m looking forward to this tradition in future years.


I love you, baby girl.

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