what I want to remember | month seven

I’m way behind here, since Paige is already eight months old. But still going to recap the last two months like I have all the previous ones. My memory has no clue what happened this month, so it’s solely based off photos. This is exactly why I’m documenting. 

I want to remember how big you look in a little dress. I’ve started dressing you in clothes other than onesies and pajamas and suddenly you aren’t such a baby.

I want to remember more adventures in babywearing – I got you on my back! This means I can do things like make dinner without you attacking the dog’s water bowl.

I want to remember that we tried a few new foods with you. You still aren’t really into solids, but we kept trying.

I want to remember that this was the end of your model pose phase. It was so hilarious while it lasted, I should make a collection of all the photos.

I want to remember taking you to Portland to meet Sloane, Lauren, and Stu. We had fun hanging out and letting you guys play.

IMG_1781I want to remember that you started picking toys out of your toy bin and having favorites.

IMG_1635I want to remember that you had your first eye doctor appointment. Because I am so blind, they had you come in for early intervention. So far you look good. 
IMG_1812I want to remember that you started pulling up on everything. You are not super stable yet so we follow you around like your shadow.

IMG_1803I want to remember your first time on a swing. You loved it! We were at Suncadia on a long walk while Dad was in a meeting and decided to explore the park. 

IMG_1790I want to remember that you started an infant class on Thursday afternoons. Also, you love to eat paper.
IMG_1738I want to remember that you now get very excited when Dad gets home from work. You are usually eating dinner and have a huge smile for him. You get very fussy when he walks out of the kitchen to put away his coat and shoes. IMG_1681I want to remember that we went to Denver and you played with your cousin Maks. He showed you how to use all the baby toys and I realized you are over all the newborn toys we have at home.


(one, three, five, and seven months)

I love you peanut.

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