what I want to remember|month five

Paige turned five months old on Tuesday, July 28th. A monthly recap is one of the ways I’m documenting her first year. You can read previous month recaps here: one, two, three, four.

IMG_1072_edited-1I want to remember your first trip to the orchard, which also was your first time as a wedding guest. We went to visit Gramps and Grandma Cathy and to go to Zach and Betul’s wedding. You were the perfect wedding guest and had lots of fun visiting at the orchard house, showing off all your new skills. IMG_0919 (1)_edited-1I want to remember your first fourth of July. We spent it on Camano Island with the Holland family, relaxing and enjoying good food. Becca took this adorable picture of you that reminds me I need to get out the big camera from time to time. IMG_1143_edited-1I want to remember the rolling. You roll all day long. It’s definitely your favorite skill right now. I don’t know why I bother to put you on a blanket because you either immediately roll off of it to explore the rug or you grab the side and roll yourself into a baby burrito. We need to start vacuuming more. IMG_0984_edited-1I want to remember the snuggles. You are way too busy to snuggle up on us normally so baby wearing has become extra special. It’s the only time you’ll ever stop and lay your head down on my chest these days. I’m so glad you’re curious about the world around you but I also love the moments you slow down just a little.
IMG_1067_edited-1I want to remember that you are able to sit up. It only lasts a few seconds, but it’s fun to watch you take in the new view. You don’t seem to be excited about this skill as we are (why sit when you can be rolling??), but I know soon enough you’ll love it.
IMG_1052_edited-1I want to remember (?) your first visit to the ER. You came down with a case of petechia and the nurse’s helpline told us to bring you in for testing. There was a chance it could have been something serious, but luckily it turned out to be a random occurrence. You did have to get poked on all four appendages for them to draw blood. Dad was a champion and stayed with you while I had to roam the halls because I couldn’t watch.IMG_1019_edited-1I want to remember that every month we get out of the house a little more. This month we took you to brunch in West Seattle. (No one needs to know that we’d been up long enough that it was actually our second meal of the day.) Do you have your daddy’s chin and cheeks or what? You also have his dimples which I am SO excited about. There is nothing like a sweet girl with dimples.IMG_1007_edited-1I want to remember that naps have gotten so much easier. You mostly sleep in your crib for them and if that doesn’t work we try the swing or baby wearing. You still sleep about every two hours for a total of three naps a day.
IMG_1065_edited-1I want to remember how much you love Alfred. It’s an unrequited love as he’s pretty much indifferent to you. You watch him walk around a room and are always trying to touch him when he passes by you. He only allows it when you are sitting with Grandma because he must sit next to her as well. I’m sure in time you two will be BFFs.
IMG_1032_edited-1I want to remember that even though you can’t crawl, you can move around a room like nobody’s business. You roll and scoot to get wherever you want and often times find yourself stuck. I love watching you explore. 

I want to remember the week you were all about beat boxing. The sounds you can make are hilarious. IMG_0828 (1)_edited-1I want to remember that this has been one of the hottest summers on record in Seattle. It’s pretty miserable in our house (usually in the big 80s), but we are dealing. We met Addie and Dylan from our mommy group at the wading pool one Sunday to cool down. You really enjoyed splashing your feet in the water. 

IMG_0830_edited-1I want to remember that you were most definitely the USWNT’s good luck charm for the World Cup. We watched all the games. I’m really enjoying watching women’s soccer now and can’t wait to take you to Seattle Reign games when you are older. The world is your oyster, baby girl.

IMG_0870 (1)_edited-1I want to remember that you found your feet! You can now get them into your mouth for a tasty snack as well. Dad and I thought this was quite the feat (ha) until we both tried it one night and we too can get our big toes to our mouths. We did not try to snack though.IMG_0883_edited-1I want to remember that you’ve realized we have items on our body that you can remove. You were so excited when you got my glasses and you also enjoy necklaces an hair. IMG_0926 (1)_edited-1I want to remember the smiles. You are generally a very happy baby and getting you to smile doesn’t take much at all.

I want to remember the laughs. You don’t give these nearly as generously as the smiles and we have to work for them. Alfred is the biggest recipient and when he’s playing with a certain red toy you can’t help yourself but laugh. We have no idea why, but we love it.

monthfiveallI love you, PC. Let’s enjoy the rest of summer.

4 thoughts on “what I want to remember|month five

  1. Shaunacey

    wow she’s such a cutie and holy did 5 months ever fly by!
    glad it ended up being nothing serious, I’m sure it was terrifying nonetheless, sick babies are the worst!

    1. Beth Martin Post author

      Shaunacey! Here you are leaving comments on my blog and I haven’t even said congrats yet on little Oliver! He looks precious. I’m so happy for you and your family. You look like you are adapting amazingly well to life as a mama of two. Can’t wait to see more!


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