july goals

julygoalsStarting off with a recap of what I did in June…

Learn to use my ring sling.  I did learn to use the ring sling that my sister gifted Paige and I, but it turns out baby girl is not a huge fan of slings. She likes to kick her legs and pop the seat (meaning the fabric is no longer in a nice little seat for her, keeping her safe). She especially enjoys doing so while we’re walking home from the store with a bag of groceries. Towards the end of the month I bought our first woven wraps and they are amazing. So much easier to carry her around in (than the Moby) now that she’s not a newborn, but still light enough for summer. My sister has been a huge help and I’m obsessed. #wearallthebabies

Fit into my summer wardrobe. Nope. The clothes don’t fit. On a positive note, I did kick the sugar cravings I’ve had since Paige was born. So that is progress. But there definitely needs to be more, and soon.

Spend ten hours a week on nutrition. Yes. I’m having a lot of fun working with the Paleo for Women team. I’m learning so much about how a blog operates and I hope I can take that knowledge and turn it into something concrete of my own. Baby steps.

Enjoy a family vacation with no expectations. Ha. Okay, I’m going to try to not sound ungrateful for spending a week in Maui. But we learned an expensive lesson in baby traveling. Don’t do it. 🙂 It was awesome having Greg around for nine days straight but we really just moved our Seattle life to Maui for a week where it was incredibly hot and humid. It wasn’t exactly vacationing.

And in July, I hope to…

Lose some damn baby weight. I’ve given myself a few chances and not called it out, but those haven’t really worked. So here’s the deal, I weigh the exact same as I did at my two week postpartum appointment. Which is twenty pounds more than I usually weigh. While I do have some nice cleavage going on, the girls are not ten pounds bigger each. Typically I think the scale is dumb and not an accurate way to measure health, but sometimes it doesn’t lie. And this is one of those times.

Create a plan for building out my business website. The doer in me wants to make this “create my website”, but between being a SAHM and my part time internship, I just don’t have the time. What I can do though is create an action plan and tackle this in a structured way. It might turn out that I can’t feasibly finish this until 2016 and that’s okay. Once I have a plan I can start chipping away at it with my goals in mind.

My goals this month are pretty short and sweet. I decided to stop here (I have about 800 others I wanted to include) because I’d actually like to do each of the above. There are a million fun craft projects I’d love to do, but I’m going to make these two goals a priority and knock them out.

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