what I want to remember|month four

Paige turned four months old on Sunday, June 28th. A monthly recap is the main way I’m documenting her first year. You can read previous month recaps here: one, two, three.

IMG_0766-1_edited-1I want to remember our first family vacation. To be honest, kiddo, it’s going to be a while before we take you on vaca again, but there were highlights. Having Dad with us for nine days in a row was awesome. You travel well and slept like a champ most of the trip. You indulged us with several meals at Fred’s. We have no complaints but we’re all happy to be home.

IMG_0721-1_edited-1I want to remember your first time in a pool. It didn’t last long, but it was fun to take you in and let you kick your legs. You had no idea what was going on, but I imagine that next summer pools are going to be one of your favorite things.

IMG_0027-1_edited-1I want to remember that we also tried the ocean out for a few minutes, but since Dad and I aren’t big beach people (and the humidity was about 1000%), that was mostly for the photo op (that turned out… great).

IMG_0755-1_edited-1I want to remember your dad’s first Father’s Day. You guys have so much fun together and he is an awesome dad. It was our first day in Hawaii and we mostly just relaxed. We brought him coffee and breakfast in bed and you gave him a picture of his present (a new Lego set).

I want to remember the sleep roller coaster. Sort of. The month started off on a high and ended on a low. Someday you will sleep and I will sleep, until then I’ll keep hoping tonight is going to be a good night.

I want to remember that the highlight of this last month was you learning so, so many new things.


I want to remember that you leaned to play with toys. You love your bunny, a gift from one of your future BFFs, Sloane. You also love “o” balls, a wooden rattle, and the toys that hang on your floor mat. You spend about half your time putting them in your mouth and half your time playing with them as intended.

I want to remember that you learned to laugh. You’ve only done it a few times and mostly at your cousin Maks because apparently you have a thing for 2.5 year old humor and very aggressive tickling. I can’t wait to hear more of that sweet noise.

I want to remember that you learned to roll over. And now you do it all day every day. There’s no such thing as back time or tummy time any longer. You prefer to be in the opposite of whichever one I put you in.
IMG_0449_edited-1I want to remember that you met the rest of your family. We took a second trip to Denver and you met Uncle Joey, Aunt Brittany, Avery, and Benji. Aunt Britt would hold you for hours if we let her (and we totally would if she lived closer).

IMG_0393-1_edited-1I want to remember that we took you to your first Sounders game. We had so much fun sharing something we enjoy with you, even if you slept through 85 of the 90 minutes (which we were very happy about). I hope you love it as much as we do as you get older and want to keep joining us.

IMG_0376-1_edited-1I want to remember all the grandma time that you get with Grandma Berta. She is always willing to come over and hold you while I get a few things done around the house. She’s also your babysitter so dad and I can get out of the house now and then and we are very thankful for that.

I want to remember that you started sleeping in Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit. It’s so silly (the name and the look), but damn it works. For the first time in your four months with us you are napping on your own. After 3.5 months of having you nap on me (either holding you or wrapping you), I was so ready for a break. I love you to death, but these short breaks a few times a day are helping me find my sanity.

monthfour_edited-1I love you, Cheeks. So excited to see what you learn this month.

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