day in the life | june 2015

I’m glad I captured a day like today, a very ordinary and routine day. Groundhog like. Nothing terribly interesting happened today, but it’s a very accurate depiction of life right now. 

Here’s what Monday, June 15th, 2015 looked like in our little world…

Sleep. Is it possible to be the parent of a child under two and not talk about sleep non-stop? God help me, please tell me it ends at two. The last few days have brought with them a set of new skills (laughing, rolling over, trying to sit up) and we’ve had to ditch our most valuable sleep tool (the swaddle) thanks to the rolling over. Sleep hasn’t been great.

Last night Paige woke up six times between 8:09pm and 6:20am. Greg isn’t feeling well and I didn’t want to wake him so it was a bit of a long night.

I put her back down after her 6:20 feeding and got up for the day. I love that I have some time to myself in the mornings now. She wakes anytime between 6 and 7 and goes back down for another hour or two.


Time for coffee and breakfast (three eggs, scrambled, with salsa verde). 


I like to start the day with an empty dishwasher. This way I can add my dishes as I go and they aren’t sitting in the sink to be dealt with later. IMG_0546_edited-1

This morning I am able to work for almost two hours. I sped time on my internship, finish the latest two rounds of thank you notes for Paige gifts (we are blown away by the generosity of friends and family), and start working on my continuous education credits for my NTP certification. Nothing like a little small intestine webinar before 9am, right?

IMG_0557_edited-1Paige stirs right around 9am and I head down to get her. This is probably my favorite two minutes of every day. She wakes up with a confused look on her face, and then once she’s able to see me (or Greg on a weekend) and focus she bursts out into a huge smile. Makes every wake up every night worth it.


Paige is so alert these days, which is really fun. Except that it means everything, especially feeding, takes forever because she wants to look around. IMG_0564_edited-1

It’s going to be 84* today in Seattle, so after breakfast we break out some adorable summer clothes sent by her great aunt and uncle, Sue and Al. IMG_0569_edited-1

Getting ready for me today means just a shower and brushing my teeth. This weekend I had my hair chopped into a messy bob (#momhairdon’tcare) and I want to see how it dries on its own (verdict: I’ll be making time for a quick blow dry going forward).

After we’re ready I load Paige into our ring sling and we walk to the store to buy some fresh fruits and veggies for the week. She finally falls asleep when we’re about one minute from home on the way back.


It’s only 11am but I ate breakfast early and am starving, so it’s an early lunchtime. Pork verde I found in the freezer, a pint of blackberries, and sweet potatoes. Yes, it’s baby food. I’ve found the more carbs I eat (fruits and starchy veg) the better my milk supply is and when I don’t have time to make them myself I have no shame eating baby food. IMG_0630_edited-1

Paige sleeps through my lunch (she might have got a bit of pork on the forehead) and I get in a bit of work. I love having the opportunity to be working in the nutrition space this summer, even if it is for free.


This girl decides that today’s morning nap will be only one hour instead of the usual two. At least she woke up in a good mood. IMG_0637_edited-1

We play on the floor for a bit with her colorful butterfly until it’s time to leave for the post office and chiropractor appointment. IMG_0654_edited-1

Paige loves playing on the paper at the chiropractor’s office. We go twice a week for baby cranial sacral massage and it’s amazing how well it’s helping her digestive issues. Hopefully we can stop at some point (it makes afternoon naps tricky), but for now it’s a big help. IMG_0657_edited-1We are back home around 3pm and I put Paige in her swing. She’s exhausted at this point and quickly falls asleep. I settle in to get some work done, but her little eyes pop open about thirty minutes later. Not going to win the nap game today, I guess.


Our first baby is hanging out downstairs in our bedrooms today since it’s so warm. IMG_0663_edited-1The mystery of why the bottom of my skirts have been wet lately is solved when I look down from making a few lists to see Paige shoving my skirt in her mouth. It’s about 4:30 and this is when the countdown to dad coming home starts.
IMG_0665_edited-1Sometimes after 5pm we go up in our new woven wrap and walk around until Paige falls asleep. It lasts about 30 minutes, until big brother loses his sh!t when dad gets home from work and starts barking and running around. Sigh.IMG_0678_edited-1

It’s dinner time for the pup (half a can of Grammy’s Pot Pie)… IMG_0679_edited-1

… and for the humans (chicken verde and salad with peppers and mango). No, I did not intend to have every meal include verde sauce. Just what happens when I pull stuff out of the freezer instead of cooking.

IMG_0681_edited-1After dinner it’s family work time in the office for a bit,

IMG_0684_edited-1followed by play time. 


Right at 8pm we take Paige down to get ready for bed. Now that she can roll over we no longer swaddle her. She sleeps in Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. Yes, you will fall for any marketing when you’re on night three of your unswaddled kid not sleeping, but in all honestly this ridiculous thing works really well. IMG_0688_edited-1After nursing and getting her extra few ounces of milk she’s out. I put her down in our room and it’s time for my mad scramble. I clean up, pump, water the garden, and get ready for bed. By 9:30 I’m in bed and falling asleep. I try to be in bed within an hour of when she goes down. Greg stays up a bit later to clean up the house, let the dog out, and finish up from his day.

2 thoughts on “day in the life | june 2015

  1. amandacallegre

    Oh man, I love a baby in a romper. So cute! I need to buy Ruby some for this summer. Hope she’s sleeping better with the Merlin sleep suit! I’ve heard great things. If it helps, sleep got better for us around 7 months and still going strong, despite a few off days here and there. I’m afraid year two/three will be a nightmare when we move Ruby to a toddler bed. Too much freedom for a busy toddler! PS I love all your cute wraps! Makes me miss those baby-wearing days.

    1. Beth Martin Post author

      So far Baby Merlin and his magic suit are amazing. For the first time ever, she’s napping on her own. After wearing or holding her for 99% of her naps in the first 3.5 months it is such a relief to get a little break two or three times a day!


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