june goals

june goalsIt’s that time to #makeitpublicmakeithappen again. Yes it’s a ridiculous hashtag but I like it.

In May, I wanted to…

Average 10,000 steps a day. Yes! This ended up being more difficult than I thought it would be, but I ended the month averaging almost exactly 10,000 steps per day (there might have been some monitoring the app in the last few days to make sure that happened). I’m really proud of myself for making this one happen as it definitely took effort. I think I’ll write a seperate post on this because I have lots of thoughts and suggestions for how to make a step goal and then meet it. Because maybe someone else out there wants to be a weirdo like me? Because walking is by far my preferred exercise right now, I plan to continue adding up the steps. Maybe with a little less obsession about the total count though going forward.

Plant a backyard garden. The garden is planted! And three weeks later a few veggies are starting to pop out of the soil. Once there’s a little more activity I will do an update. I’m really enjoying checking out what’s new every morning and taking a few minutes to sit back and relax while watering in the evening.

Read four books. I ended up reading seven books this month. Way more than I would have thought, but I spend a lot of time nursing and finally stopped spending that time mindlessly browsing the internet while plopped on the couch.

In June, I plan to…

Learn to use my ring sling.  My sister gifted me a gorgeous Didymos ring sling when Paige was born (this is the fabric). My girl and I love baby wearing (it’s the only way she’ll nap and I’ll take a wrap or carrier over lugging around a stroller any day), but for some reason we’ve never been able to use the ring sling very well. Before I’ll allow myself to purchase any new woven wraps I want to use this sling more.

Fit into my summer wardrobe. I spent some time putting together a summer capsule wardrobe to make getting dressed really easy. I ordered a few new things in my post baby size but when they arrived nothing fit. Truth be told, I haven’t lost a single pound since my two week postpartum appointment. That was eleven weeks ago. I haven’t gained more, but still. It’s time to tackle this and make some progress. I don’t want to focus on the scale so rather than have a weight goal, my goal is to be able to wear these close by the beginning of July.

Spend ten hours a week on nutrition. I’m three months into my maternity leave (I took a six month leave of absence starting when Paige was born) and I’d now like to spend some time each week working on a potential future career in a new field. It’s going to be hard to carve out ten hours a week but this is important to me and I want to make it a priority.

Enjoy a family vacation with no expectations. We off on our first family vacation this month in Maui and we’re really excited. Our good friend Jon had some wise words a few months ago: there is no such thing as a vacation after kids, there are trips. Ha! We want to have down time and relax, but that’s the only expectation we’re going into our trip with. There will be fewer cocktails, more meals cooked versus eaten out, and less sleeping in, I’m sure. But we will have a blast and get to experience Maui through our baby girl’s eyes for the first time.

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