what I want to remember|month three

Paige turned three months old on Thursday, May 28th. A monthly recap is one of the ways I’m documenting her first year. You can read previous month recaps here: one, two.

IMG_0225-1_edited-1I want to remember the sleep. God bless the sleep. I know we’ll have rough goes of it again at different points, but this month you slept like a champ. We even got a few 5+ stretches of sleep and one 6 hour stretch. I can’t thank you enough for those, mama feels like she’s rejoined the human race.

IMG_0084_edited-1I want to remember that your puppy dog is more and more tolerant of you every day. He’s learned that when we’re down on the floor playing with you, if he snuggles up he’s likely to get a few pets as well. You don’t interact with him much yet, but you do stare at him when he’s in the room.

I want to remember that we decided to stop worrying 24/7 about your weight. You gain weight every week, it just happens to be a little weight and not a lot. But you are meeting milestones, happy, and sleeping well. Maybe you are just a dainty girl? Dr. Doroshow says you’re doing great and I’ve decided to believe her and stop obsessing.

I want to remember that you learned to roll from your tummy to your back. You first showed off this skill for me and Grandma Debbie in Denver and then the next night you showed Dad. It’s so so fun to watch you learn new things.

IMG_0250-1_edited-1I want to remember that you love to grab things and hold on to them. We still feed you a few ounces a day of donor milk to supplement your feedings and you love to hold the bottle and help out.

I want to remember how thankful I am that we found Dr. Gita. She is your pediatric chiropractor and does cranial sacral massage for you twice a week. We can’t believe how well it’s helping with your digestive issues. We’re thankful you feel better and that we’re not drowning in spit up anymore.

IMG_0091-1_edited-1I want to remember that it’s okay to break my own rules. The pre-mom me said I would never have any plastic toys that make noise. The mom me loves to watch you have fun pushes the piano keys and loves having twenty minutes to unload the dishwasher in peace.

I want to remember when we let you splash around in the bath for the first time. Before we quickly wiped you down at bath time, but this time we filled up your little plastic tub and let you enjoy being emerged in water. We could practically see your brain working as you moved your legs and arms to splash the water. I love watching you experience new things.

IMG_0431-1_edited-1I want to remember my first Mother’s Day. I’m not big on these kinds of holidays, but it was fun to stop and think about how happy being your mom makes me. Dad helped you get me a fancy bracelet for my FitBit so I don’t have to lose steps when we go somewhere that requires nicer jewelry than a plastic band. We spent the day as usual, lots of walking and lots of time with you “up”. Dad also finished the veggie garden planters for me so we could start working on our summer project.

I want to remember that you had your first playdate. Actually, mom and dad had Lisa and Evash over to watch a Sounders game and they brought John. We met them in our baby class and are looking forward to hanging out more. You and John didn’t pay much attention to each other, but I’m sure you will as the months go on.

IMG_0252-1_edited-1I want to remember that this is the month you learned to scoot on your back. We start your with your feet on the piano and you manage to scoot all over the office. Often times you’ll hit a dead end, like the couch, and get frustrated that you can’t continue. We flip you around and off you go again.

I want to remember that you love getting your hands in your mouth. Sometimes you suck on your whole fist and sometimes it’s just a few fingers. We think you are able to intentionally get your hand to your mouth, but we’re not positive.

IMG_0164-1_edited-1I want to remember the first time I looked at you and thought “You are not a newborn any longer”. I sat you on the couch to take this picture and realized you are an infant. I love watching you grow. Every week you do something new and every week I gain more confidence as your mama. I am not sad about you growing up at all, I’m loving where you are everyday and looking forward to tomorrow.

IMG_7670_edited-1I want to remember that we are feeling more capable of getting out of the house with you and seeing friends. We take you to brunch and lunch a lot and ventured out to happy hour on a Friday night too. It’s nice to be able to see our friends and bring you along. This picture of Dad is from your first trip around Green Lake. We went with the Tupling Irvines and enjoyed brunch at Green Lake Bar & Grill after. Just like old times, but also totally different.

I want to remember that we even left the house once without you! Grandma Berta babysat you for the first time while we went to James and Talia’s wedding and we all survived just fine. We are so thankful we have a grandma in town to keep you company while we get out for a bit.

IMG_0248-1_edited-1I want to remember your first plane rides. You were a total champ and dad and I are excited for many, many adventures with you. You slept both ways and were so good we even got to read a bit. Dad experienced his first plane diaper change. I’m not sure how he won that coin toss, but I’m not complaining. We went to Denver and you got to meet your Grandpa Dan, Aunt Becky and Uncle Arek, Aunt Mia and Aunt Anna, and Cousin Maks and Cousin Oliver. It was a houseful and you liked taking it all in.

paigeclothesI want to remember that we packed up your newborn clothes. You wore them until you were ten weeks old, but they finally became too short and you couldn’t extend your legs in most of the zipper pajamas. It’s fun to work through all the 0-3 month and 3 month clothes that we have now. Lucky for us Ruby has great taste in clothes and so do friends and family that have bought you outfits.

threemosI love you, peanut. Bring on month four and summer adventures.

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