day in the life | may 2015

I had a lot of fun with this month’s DITL. I’m feeling much more confident with this whole motherhood thing these days, so life in general is easier. And specifically to this project, I took cues from a few bloggers who recently shared DITL posts (Ali, Elise) and focused on the overall story of our day rather than worrying about what we did at exactly every moment. I took fewer photos, but I think each one is a thousand times more interesting, so it’s a win. 

In picking a constant day each month, the 15th, I knew I’d get a good variety in the days I highlight. Last month was a very ordinary day. Today started out very ordinary but ended with Greg’s and my first night out together since Paige was born, so definitely not our usual Friday night. Love that I was able to capture our daytime routine + the role Grandma Berta plays in our life + time with friends. 

Here’s what Friday, May 15th, 2015 looked like in our little world…

IMG_0137-1_edited-1We are doing really well with sleep these days, but of course there’s always an exception to the rule and tonight was it. Paige wakes up at 1:35, four and a half hours after we put her to bed. Love that we are getting four and five hour stretches these days. I now can feed, diaper change, and get her back to sleep within twenty minutes.

Usually I fall asleep within ten minutes or so of climbing back into bed, but tonight that never happens. When she wakes up again at 4:20 I am still awake. THE WORST. We repeat the feed  and diaper change and she goes back down, but I am still awake when she wakes up again at 5:45.

Now it was her turn to be off schedule. Typically she sleeps from 9:30pm to 9am with three feedings (around 1:30, 4:30, and 7). Thankfully I fell asleep around 6 after putting her back down. When she goes down after her final feeding around 7:30, instead of getting up and eating breakfast and having some ‘me time’, I go back to bed too and we sleep until almost 9.

IMG_0146-1_edited-1We wake up to a sunny day. With bedrooms in the basement we don’t have the most amazing views, but we have nice dark rooms that are cool in summer! I opened the blinds, we said hello to Mr. Sun, and Paige eats breakfast. She then lays on daddy’s spot on the bed (staring at the ceiling and telling me all about her dreams) while I pump. I pump after the first and last feeds of the day to build up a little supply for times like tonight when we’re going out and she’s staying home with Grandma.

IMG_0156-1_edited-1Paige doesn’t sleep in her crib yet (we’re hoping to change that within the next month or so) and for now she thinks it’s a fun place to hang out. I land her in baby jail for a bit while I finish packing for our trip to Denver tomorrow and move the laundry along. Once she starts whining we both get dressed and head upstairs. Grandma is coming over later today so I skip my morning shower in lieu of taking a nice long one when she arrives.

IMG_0158-1_edited-1It happens to be Greg’s birthday today and I see that he read the card I left out for him. I’m not sure I know anyone who cares about their birthday less than he does, but I try to do a few nice things.


IMG_0163-1_edited-1IMG_0167-1_edited-1I’m starving and tired at this point so I put Paige down in the office and make myself coffee (it’s decaf but I can pretend like it will wake me up) and a few eggs. I eat my eggs while Paige works on her tummy time skills.

IMG_0172-1_edited-1 IMG_0180-1_edited-1By 10:30 she is starting to fuss and I see a yawn. If I get her to nap now I know I’ll get a good long one out of her. We’ve been working a lot on nighttime sleep (and it’s totally paid off!), but daytime naps are still a struggle. She only sleeps well in the Moby or the car, so that’s pretty much what we do daily. Once she’s in the Moby we go out to water the veggie boxes and walk around the house a bit. Within 15 minutes she is out.

IMG_0184-1_edited-1IMG_0189-1_edited-1IMG_0187-1_edited-1I spend nap time cleaning up the kitchen, doing and folding laundry, and working on emails, etc. on the computer. Each time she starts to stir I take my book and walk a few laps around the house while reading. Steps + book progress, I have no complaints.

IMG_0192-1_edited-1Once we hit the two hour mark, at 12:45, I know my time is limited and I heat up my lunch. All week I’ve eaten the same thing: meatballs and sweet potatoes that I cooked on Sunday and some form of greens that I quickly put together daily.

Paige wakes up and we eat lunch together. Two and a half months into this nursing thing and I’ve got multitasking down pretty well. Usually I read, but if she eats around my meal time and Greg isn’t home, we eat together.

IMG_0194-1_edited-1After lunch it’s play time for Paige and race around the house to finish laundry and dishes time for me. She loves this new piano toy that makes noise if her feet hit the keys hard enough. I love to watch her dance when she hears the music. And let’s be honest, I also love the twenty minutes she is willing to self entertain.

IMG_0197-1_edited-1Because we we are going out for the evening, I want Alfred to burn off some energy. Once Paige is done playing we head to Green Lake dog park. Alfred’s routine for getting in the car is to get in the passenger door and jump across to the driver’s seat while I get Paige situated. He then gets out of the car, jumps into the backseat, sniffs Paige, and finally sits so I can buckle his harness in. (Now that Paige is in the car we use a $10 buckle from Amazon to keep him restrained in case of an accident.)

IMG_0202-1_edited-1I forgot the Chuck-It, which is the only reason Alfred likes the dog park, but I manage to talk him into running around and playing with a few dogs. Paige eventually falls asleep so we stay for a little while longer.

IMG_0204-1_edited-1We run a few errands and to keep Paige sleeping I decide to extend our car time with a coffee. God bless the Starbucks drive-thru options in Seattle. Lately I’ve been ordering a water to go with my coffee to make up for all the coffee I’m drinking these days. It’s all decaf, but I’m totally addicted again. My lack of sleep leads to ordering outside of my usual decaf iced Americano and I go for a coconut milk latte.

IMG_0206-1_edited-1We are back home around 3:15 and Roberta, my MIL, arrives shortly after. I hand off the baby and head into the shower. (My feet are filthy from the dog park, not normal daily life.) Greg and I are going out together for the first time since Paige was born and leaving her home with Grandma. I know they will be fine and we’ll have fun, but I’m still anxious about going out. Luckily the afternoon is getting away from me so I don’t have much time to think about it.

When I get out of the shower Greg is home early from work and we both quickly get dressed in wedding-going attire. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve put contacts in since Paige was born. We do one last feeding and give Grandma the low-down on bottles, diapers, play time, and sleep, say goodbye, and are on our way.

IMG_0207-1_edited-1A baby does change everything. We are the two most punctual people in the world and Google maps is telling us we’ll make it to our good friends’ wedding at 4:59, with just one minute to spare. Pre baby, we easily would have been twenty minutes early and awkwardly waiting around. A stop light selfie is the best proof we have that we got out on our own.

The ceremony is at a park in Queen Anne and lovely, but I respect the bride’s wishes and let the photographers take care of photos. After the ceremony we drive over to Ray’s Boathouse in Ballard for the reception. On the way I use my borrowed car adapter for the pump for the first time, with a hopefully well placed scarf. Oh the fun…

IMG_0208-1_edited-1The view from the reception is gorgeous. We arrive, get a beer (him) and glass of wine (her), and enjoy catching up with a small group of friends. These are all the friends we have Sounders season tickets with and typically we’d be seeing them almost weekly. We haven’t been going yet this season because of Paige, but no one else has made it to many games either. It’s nice to catch up and enjoy appetizers and the view while waiting for the bride and groom.

IMG_0209-1_edited-1The bride and groom arrive around 7:00 to cheers. I’ve known James and Talia since before I moved up to Seattle (James used to work with Greg) and they are among the first friends I had in Seattle. We are all happy to see them tying the knot. After their arrival we sit down to a really fantastic meal.

IMG_0210-1_edited-1Around 8:30 the toasts happen and the dance floor opens. We stay for the first dance but our carriage is soon turning into a pumpkin. Or, we have a two month old we’ll be taking on a 6:40am flight the next morning. At 9:00 we say our goodbyes and head home to relieve Grandma.

Everything went well back at home and Paige is sound asleep in Grandma’s arms. That is until Alfred wakes her up with his excitement at us arriving home. Sigh. Grandma heads home and we get Paige in her pajamas and back to sleep. We figure out our timing for the morning, set the alarm for 4:15am, and drift off to sleep.

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