what I want to remember|month two

Paige turned two months old on Tuesday, April 28th. A monthly recap is one of the ways I’m documenting her first year. You can read the month one recap here

IMG_7341_edited-1I want to remember your first holiday, Easter. We had a cute dress for you to wear but it was just a bit too big still. I decided not to get you an Easter basket because you were only five weeks old, but I regretted that on Easter morning. We took Grandma Berta out to brunch and you slept through it, you party animal.

backwardsI want to remember Dad putting your Easter outfit on backwards. His reasoning was solid (why would buttons be on the back of a shirt) until I reminded him that you are not quite capable of dressing yourself yet so it makes sense that they are up the back.

I want to remember that we started PEPS and are making more mama and baby friends. It’s right during your morning nap time and you typically sleep through the meeting, but it’s great for me to get out of the house and talk to women who are in the same stage of life as we are right now.

smilesI want to remember that you started smiling and it melts our hearts. We will make all sorts of noises to get a smile. As the month went on you became more liberal with them. There is not much a smile from you doesn’t cure.

I want to remember that you have had some crazy blowouts. Yes, most parents would not be happy with these, but to us it means you’re finally getting enough food. There was that one time I was in the office and dad heard it in the living room… I will never cease to be amazed at the noises that come out of your tiny body.

babywearingI want to remember that this is the month we fell in love with baby wearing. It works so well for us. Since you refuse to nap in your crib or co-sleeper, most of your naps are in the Moby or Baby K’tan so that I can get a few things done. We also love the Lillebaby for our afternoon walk.

I want to remember that you went on a night time sleep strike and wouldn’t sleep for more than two hours at a time at night. It wasn’t fun, but when I come back and read this months down the line and you are sleeping like a rockstar but we’re dealing with another issue, it will be a reminder that everything is a phase. The good stuff should be cherished and the less than ideal stuff will come to an end.

IMG_7601-1_edited-1I want to remember that right before you fall asleep you have the most adorable little grin. I wish I knew what was going on in your mind right then.

I want to remember that you ended the month at 8 pounds, 11 ounces and 21 and a quarter inches. You are dainty. We’d like to see you put on weight faster, but everyone agrees we’re offering you more than enough food so maybe you are just going to be an itty bitty little girl. You are still wearing newborn diapers and clothes.

IMG_7500_edited-1I want to remember that we took you for your first road trip to attend your great grandma Clara’s 90th birthday party. You traveled like a champ and how cool is it that we got a four generation photo? Watching your dad help his grandma hold you was very special.

I want to remember that you’ve found your voice and love to babble and coo. I have no idea if you are just making sounds, imitating, or trying to communicate, but it’s adorable.

dadI want to remember that you and your dad are developing such a sweet relationship. He is all about you when he gets home from work every evening. On the weekends he gets up with you to make coffee and is a cozy place to sleep. He took this picture on the left, one of my favorites of you this month.


I want to remember introducing you to Slalom for the first time. It has been such a big part of Dad’s and my life and I imagine will play some part in yours. At the very least it will pay your bills for the foreseeable future! You and I met Dad at the office for Jon’s happy hour before he moved to Boston. Again, you slept through the party.

I want to remember that we made a daytime routine this month. It actually happened organically and, for your routine-loving mama, having an idea of how our day is going to play out makes this motherhood thing ten times easier. We are in a good sleep-eat-play rhythm that is just the right mix of flexibility and structure.


I want to remember that your puppy dog has started to accept that you are here to stay. Alfred will now, when he feels like it, snuggle up next to you on the floor. He tolerates your flailing arms and loves to sniff you. Unfortunately, he’s terrible at detecting dirty diapers. We’ve always joked that he has the worst dog nose ever.


I love you, little tyrant. Bring on month three.

3 thoughts on “what I want to remember|month two

  1. Shaunacey

    oh my she’s such a cutie!!! how it brings back memories and makes me anxious for this next one to arrive (though not just yet).
    You’re looking fantastic too!! go momma!

    1. Beth Martin Post author

      thanks! you look adorable in all your spring outfits. i didn’t participate because post-partum is just depressing, but maybe i’ll be back for summer!


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