menu monday: a super boring week

As my title suggests, last week was not my most creative in the kitchen. I am one of those people who doesn’t mind eating the same thing over and over and some weeks that’s all I have the energy to do. This past week was ten or so days into Paige not sleeping for more than two hour stretches at night. I didn’t really care what I ate as long as it was healthy and available. I made a few big meals over the weekend that lasted me all week and called it good.


For most of the week I ate salmon cakes for breakfast. I know it sounds weird, but they can be made ahead and are really filling and delicious. They taste great warm or cold and are portable, so a very easy on-the-go breakfast. And by 9am you’ll have had your fill of Omega 3s. I add a little bit of homemade mayo to the top of each one and I’m full for hours.

I don’t seem to have a picture of this spicy peanut (or almond) chicken, but it’s a recipe I used to make all the time when I was big into calorie counting (the dark days). I was excited to try a new chicken casserole recipe, but apparently spaghetti squash has gone mainstream as they were out of it at two different stores. I remembered this recipe when I needed to come up with an alternative way to use the chicken I had already purchased. I used almond butter that I had on hand instead of peanut butter and it still tasted delicious. With 2.5 lbs of chicken, be prepared for a lot of leftovers or to freeze half. After we had it for dinner Sunday I was able to eat it for lunch most of the week.

IMG_9038_edited-1I made this crockpot beef and green chile stew as well last week. The flavors were great. It was  nice and spicy. The meat was a little less tender than I would have liked, but as I read back through the recipe I see that she cooked it on high for a bit then on low, which I didn’t do. Maybe that would have helped? I skipped the searing part so I didn’t use an alternative flour to all-purpose, but I probably would have just skipped flour had I bothered with the sear.

That’s all I’ve got to share this week. It really was a boring week in food around here, but sometimes that’s just the easiest way to tackle getting in 3+ meals a day.

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