may goals

IMG_7517-1_edited-1Checking in on my April goals and putting my May ones out there because, you know, #makeitpublicmakeithappen. That might be the longest hashtag ever (I’ve never used it though it does exist), but it’s super true. At least for type-As like me.

In April, I wanted to…

Get back to meal planning and cooking. It took me until halfway through the month, but I’m there. We’ve had take-out maybe once in the last two weeks and have gone out for a few meals. It’s so much more enjoyable to have a meal out when you aren’t doing it so frequently that it becomes an annoyance.

Move more. Walk, walk, walk. I seriously love to walk. Coming from a former CrossFitter and marathon runner, walking seems so passive. But it’s what I love right now and because of that I actually did a lot of it this month.

Catch up on Project Life. Done! I caught up on all of March and April. I’m glad to have a single week to work on each week now. I am also happy to be caught up as I’ll be working in real time and I think that will help me remember more of the little stories.

April was a success. I feel like I bit off the right amount. It’s taken me time to figure out how to get meals made with a baby and I had to get creative to find time to work on my PL album (90% of it was done standing at our dining room table while Paige napped in the Moby).

In May, I plan to…

Average 10,000 steps a day. Okay, this one is a bit of a stretch. I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to do that, but sometimes that’s the mark of a good goal. I’m cleared for more intense exercise, but I really am enjoying walking. And as a bonus it’s both free and I can do it with the baby and the dog. I resurrected the FitBit and this goal will force me up and out on the lazy days when I don’t want to bother with getting outside. I’m pretty sure I’ve never returned to the house after a walk in a worse mood than when leaving. Fresh air is my SAHM secret weapon of the moment.

Plant a backyard garden. This past weekend Greg built three new garden beds to go with the three he built last year (that I never used because on a whim I decided to go back to school). I have 42 square feet of garden space and am hoping to get started with planting in the next week or so. I have no clue what I’m doing but with the help of my MIL and a little luck, we may be eating some of our own veggies this summer.

Read four books. In actuality, I don’t care how many books I read, but I want to keep a trend going where I recently replaced mindless Facebook browsing with book reading while feeding Paige (April book review coming soon!). The last few days though I went back to my social media ways so I figure by putting a goal around this I can hopefully make it a habit in May. I have two to three hours of feeding time during waking hours a day, I might as well use them for something good (in addition to sustaining a small human).

I love to hear what others are working on. Do you have any goals for May?

2 thoughts on “may goals

  1. Aunt Mo

    Hey Beth, I tried the 10,000 step goal but always felt defeated. I changed it to 8,500 steps a day, hit it on some days but still don’t always average it in a week. Good luck to you. I hope you can do it. Knowing you, you will find a way.

    Thanks for sharing your blog. It is inspiring and I hope to try a few recipes.

    Love and hugs to the Seattle branch of the family.

    1. Beth Martin Post author

      Hi Aunt Mo! So good to see you here. And I think setting your own reasonable goals is key. When I was working at a desk I couldn’t do 10,000 a day. Love and hugs to San Diego!


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