menu monday: a week of healthy eating


Still loving the new menu plan. I simplified and prepped more food for this past week, but other than that the plan is working well. For weekend prep I made (clockwise from top left): roasted beets, side salads and dressing, casserole (ready to be baked), hard boiled eggs, soup. Having all this food on hand made it really easy to stick to my menu plan and eat three (or four) meals each day without relying on a drive-thru or take out.

New Find


It’s been a while since I’ve shopped at Trader Joe’s, but maternity leave means one salary. My weekly trip to Whole Foods, during which I didn’t pay attention to prices, seems irresponsible now, so I’m trying to find better deals rather than go for convenience. I came across these Chile Lime Chicken Burgers in the frozen section. They are delicious, Whole30 approved, and can be cooked from frozen in less than 10 minutes. I think they will be great to keep in the freezer for quick, unplanned meals.

What We Ate

In working on simplicity, there were only three recipes this week. All other dishes were just roasted or quickly sautéed meats and veggies. I also made use of all the leftovers this week, which was a big win and something I’m not always great at doing.

Sweet Potato Soup with Bacon A long standing Well Fed 2 favorite and breakfast staple of mine (eggs + soup for breakfast is delicious)
Pizza Spaghetti (Squash) Pie New recipe that I’ve been meaning to try forever; delicious with spicy Italian sausage)
Mustard Glazed Chicken Thighs New recipe; hard to go wrong with butter + spicy mustard (the recipe I used is in Practical Paleo; here’s a similar one but it includes honey and omits sage)

I issued myself a little challenge last week to get back to healthy foods. For the last month or so my focus has been on getting enough food to increase my milk supply. My lactation consultant had me start eating six meals a day, which made me feel much better and helped my supply. I guess in the early baby weeks I was forgetting to eat too often.

I’m down to four meals a day, but they have not been the healthiest. I was overwhelmed by not only a baby, but a baby who wasn’t getting enough food.  Whatever I could manage to eat, I ate. My sugar cravings were insane, which is impressive for someone who would much rather eat salty food than sweet. As life with a baby is starting to feel more manageable, I decided to make some changes. I first though about doing a Whole 30, but right now that is just too much.

Instead, I decided to commit to just one week of healthy eating. Mentally is seemed totally doable, and I totally did it. I feel so much better. We’re still getting very little sleep (on week 2 of terrible night time sleep), but I’m no longer surviving off sugar and thinking about my next ‘fix’ at all times. It’s crazy the difference a few days makes. I also feel much less bloated. I’m under my pregnancy weight but I’ve actually gained weight since my two week post-partum visit (thank you six meals a day!). I think by focusing on healthy foods I’ll be able to eat enough to keep my supply going strong and maybe start loosing some baby weight.

To hold myself accountable, I used my future business Instagram account and posted each meal. You can see from the pictures below (what I ate Monday through Friday) that the week was all about repetition and really simple veggie side dishes. Posting my pictures (and interacting with people when I’m home with a dog and baby all day) worked so well I’ve decided to do it again this week.

week1foodNew Challenge

I know I’m starting to feel like my old self again when I go about my day constantly issuing challenges in my head. For the coming week, I’m going to continue eating well but I’d also like to get away from eating a bar in middle of the night every night. I need to eat something, but my bar habit is getting expensive (these and these are my favorites) and makes me extra thirsty. They were incredibly convenient for the first two months of middle of the night nursing sessions (and I’m thankful my friend Amanda bought me some and gave me the idea to eat them then), but now it’s time to move on to something else and save bars for traveling.

3 thoughts on “menu monday: a week of healthy eating

  1. amandacallegre

    I bought those chili lime TJ burgers last week too! I havent tried them yet but Jon did and really liked them (but his burps were terrible.) What pizza or tomato sauce do you buy? I make a similar spaghetti squash pie and usually make my own sauce. But as you know, sometimes there’s never enough time! Looking for a good canned sauce with low sugar.

    1. Beth Martin Post author

      Muir Glen pizza sauce has no sugar! And neither do the Rao sauces, I especially love the spicy one.

      I don’t recall any burps but I’ll have to look out next time! 😉


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