easy, tasty meals

I’m just getting back into meal planning and cooking after a break for most of the third trimester and the first few weeks with a newborn. Occasionally over the past months I spent a little time in the kitchen and have a few tasty meal ideas to share.


Beef Chili Colorado A few months before Paige was born I bought an InstantPot, assuming it would come in handy for quick meals with a baby. My assumption was correct and I love it much more than my original stove top pressure cooker (that broke after just a few months of use). It can also function as a slow cooker, maximizing utility in one appliance. But back to the chili – instead of a full day of simmering, it was ready in less than an hour. We ate it over roasted sweet potatoes and with a side of kale. As a bonus, there are plenty of leftovers.IMG_8989_edited-1Chicken Saag Don’t let this unappetizing picture fool you. The meal is delicious, it’s my photography skills that are lacking. I love Indian food but have trouble eating it in restaurants as everything has dairy. I’d like to learn to cook more of it at home, but the recipes tend to be on the labor intensive side. For now this super easy crock pot recipe is satisfying my cravings. It makes a lot; I would recommend freezing half if you don’t want to eat the same thing for multiple meals several days in a row. I served it over cauliflower “rice” (lately I’ve been using this oven-roasted method). 

IMG_8986_edited-1Taco Salad  My go-to dinner when I don’t feel like cooking is to quickly defrost ground beef and use whatever I have on hand for taco salad. Over the years I’ve collected a few favorites to make the perfect taco salad. I love this Mexican Salad Dressing. It almost tastes creamy even though there is no dairy. Instead of buying taco mix at the store I quickly throw together my own. This recipe is cheap, yummy, and doesn’t contain any strange ingredients. And lastly, not pictured but usually topping my salad, is Alton Brown’s guacamole recipe. There are a lot of good guac recipes out there, but this is my favorite.

IMG_7352_edited-1Brazilian Fish Stew Another simple meal that can easily be done start to finish on a week night.  I loved the flavors and you could easily swap out the veggies with what you have on hand. The one problem is that it’s not terribly filling. I added a scoop of rice to our bowls when we had it for dinner. I’d probably do that again and top it off with avocado as well.

I’m excited to slowly be getting back into the kitchen. So far this week we’ve had dinner at home four out of four nights – I’m pretty sure that hasn’t happened since last October. I’m hoping to stay motivated by sharing our food again on the blog.


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