newborn photos

We invited our photographer, Sara, over to our house to capture our family in our own environment. Despite the fact that Paige cried almost the entire time (her first ever fussy period, of course), I love that we have these sweet photos with her at a week old.


newborn6Love these pictures of the three of us together.
newborn1 And these with the fourth member of the family. I know this session was about Paige, but I’m loving the one of Alfred on the left. I have no idea how Sara got him to smile and hold still but it’s awesome. newborn2We have a handful with Paige and Greg or me. It will be fun years down the road to look back at the details, like my glasses or Greg’s graphic tees. 


Love that Sara captured details of our home, as well. Paige has actually only ever slept in her crib once for a nap, but it’s much cuter than the bassinet in our room.
newborn5newborn7 newborn8And I absolutely love all these pictures of Paige by herself. The different faces, the toes, the tiny fingers that she always manages to interlace. Soon enough she’ll be making different faces and we’ll be excited over new skills. I doubt we’ll take family photos that often, but I’m happy we have these.


4 thoughts on “newborn photos

  1. rann1950

    So sweet, so filled with love of your new life with Paige. I agree with Debbie, the (3) feet photo is awesome! And Alfred….well he is a piece of adorable work.


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