april goals

april goalsIt seems I’m slowly rolling out of the newborn fog. One of the first signs of this for me was that I started thinking about goals again. I’m not going crazy because I am still getting used to taking care of a tiny human and finding our daily rhythm, but I’m ready to put a few things out there and make them happen this month.

Get back to meal planning and cooking. I’ve literally been saying this since November. We have eaten a lot of take out in the last four or five months. I’m sure both our waistlines and credit card bills have suffered. I laugh that I thought once I was at home with a baby I’d make myself fabulous meals three times a day. Ha. I had hoped to avoid cooking on the weekends as that is family time, but I just am not able at this point to make three meals per day and be as attentive to Paige as I would like. My new plan of attack is to prep breakfasts and lunches on the weekend and cook dinner each night. One meal a day seems reasonable. As she gets older I’ll be able to cook more, I hope. For now though, this seems like the best plan.

Move more. While I haven’t been cleared for intense exercise yet, I am feeling really great these days. I’d like to make sure I get a good walk (at least one mile) in every day. We took short walks in March but I wasn’t able to go very far, especially in the first few weeks. I’ve got a system down for taking both Paige and Alfred with me, without anyone being in danger. Super excited that the weather is changing and we can hopefully get out daily.

Catch up on Project Life. I’m using our album as a way to record Paige’s days and it’s important to me to stay on top of things. I’m a few weeks behind, but I think I can catch up and stay on track. I’m going very, very basic this year. My goal is simply to get pictures and stories into the album without fuss.

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