what I want to remember|month one

Paige turned one month old on Saturday, March 28th. It was honestly the fastest four weeks of my life (with some of the slowest hours of my life thrown in the mix). I don’t have plans for a traditional baby book for Paige and instead am documenting her daily life and milestones in a few different ways.


I want to remember how magical the first two weeks at home felt. Dad took them off work and the three of us relaxed at home and adjusted to our life as a little family. They were days with nothing on the agenda but spending time together.


I want to remember watching your dad be in awe of how precious you are. That will always, always stick with me.


I wan to remember that we became ladies (and a dad) who lunch. You are so easy during the day and we enjoyed getting out of the house. Of course your first restaurant was family Mexican. Did you think it would be anything else?

I want to remember the feeling of victory when you ended the month weighing 7lbs 4oz; we worked so damn hard to get you those 5 ounces above your birth weight. It’s been a challenge, but we’re going to make it. I’m sorry about those two weeks you weren’t getting enough food, we had no idea. We’re all happy that you are happy and full now and we’ll do what it takes to keep you that way.


I want to remember introducing you to your big brother. He is slowly accepting that you are here for good. He is very interested in smelling you and checking you out, but on his terms only for now. He does not appreciate it when we bring you close to him. I know down the road you two will be best buddies. We can’t wait to hear how you say his name when you’re first learning to talk.



I want to remember all your family visitors. Grandma Debbie came for a few days from Colorado to help us get on our feet. You also had lots of visits from Grandma Berta. I’m glad that you’ll grow up with at least one grandparent near by. That’s something I never really had and I know it will be special for you. You are one very loved little girl, with all these visitors. Grandpa Ken and Grandma Cathy left spring in Palm Springs to come visit and even Uncle Mike and Aunt (!) Kelly flew out from NYC.


I want to remember that you love the car (as long as we’re moving) and bath time, which is awesome. You don’t mind tummy time and will lift your neck a little then get frustrated if we don’t pick you up after.

I want to remember that you love music like your dad. I’m so glad of that, it’s always been weird being the person who doesn’t really care for music. Our house has had much more background noise this past month than every before. I’m learning to deal with it.


I want to remember all your nicknames, as I’m sure only a few will stick in the long run. We call you peanut (you’re tiny), pickle (you look like one in your green nightgown), and glow worm (your parents are children of the eighties and you totally look like one in your swaddle blanket).


I want to remember my favorite outfit for you this month. I put you in it every time it was clean. Your #gingertwin Ruby is letting you borrow all her clothes, which is the only reason you always look cute. Also, you love your changing pad for some reason. If we ever can’t calm you down, we change your diaper and let you relax for a bit, works like a charm.


I want to remember sitting in your room, reading you books. It is a surreal feeling. I’ve thought about this moment for years and now it’s here and so much more perfect because it’s with you.


I want to remember how alert you are now during your awake times. Most of the time you are pretty content to stare off into space. You will always win a staring contest with dad or me. I don’t know what newborn super power allows you to not blink, but it’s impressive. You love to be held by me or dad and aren’t a big fan of being put down when you’re awake. We’re learning how to do everything one handed.

I love you, Pickle. Let’s have an awesome month two.

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