because we needed another blanket


After finishing the first knit blanket for the martian my plan was to make him or her a quilt. I had just finished Sloane’s toddler quilt though and realized there was no way I could managed another one at eight and nine months pregnant. I still wanted something bright and colorful and decided to revisit the Purl Bee baby blanket pattern for a third time (one, two).


PC: Purl Bee

I loved the colors used in the tutorial – they were gender neutral and reminded me of sunset over the ocean. The yarn kit is $105 and I wasn’t really looking to spend that much. Off to JoAnne’s I went, looking for similar colors. The only line of yarn I could find that had a decent match to the colors was Vanna White’s. I’ve used it before but would like to move away from it as it’s acrylic. The colors aren’t quite as bright and vivid as the more expensive yarn, but I still ended up really liking the final product.

IMG_8901_edited-1I would be lying if I said I expected to finish this before the baby arrived. I am trying to look at the bright side – who knows when it would have been finished post baby. And now I have another option for staging baby photo shoots. But I would still really like for this kid to make an appearance. Soon. As of the writing of this post (11am on Friday, 2/20), no baby on the horizon.

IMG_7025_edited-1I started with the dark orange and until I added the final color I really wasn’t feeling the blanket. It felt blah and muted. The oranges and yellows with just the light blue looked really off and I almost didn’t want to finish. That was probably more pregnancy frustration speaking, it rears it’s head in odd ways. Something about the final color, the teal blue, made it all come together and work for me. I’m loving it.

IMG_8911_edited-1I’m getting better at casting on the correct number of stitches for my desired size. This blanket was intended by to 40 x 63 inches and turned out to be 43 x 59. Pretty close to the ratio I was going for. What’s funny is I didn’t realize just how large that would be. It’s definitely not a baby blanket for swaddling or over the carseat, but perfect for me to use when I’m down in the nursery or for the baby to play on.

IMG_8890_edited-1I did have to go back and buy a second skein of each color as I was only about to get through about 2/3 of each color with the first skein. Next time I use this pattern I’ll keep that in mind and follow the same proportions but make the dimensions a bit smaller.


Project: 14/35
Time: 2 months of TV time
Tutorial: none, but inspired by Purl Bee baby blanket pattern
Cost: $56 (2 skeins each of 7 colors of yarn @ $3.99)

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