what I want to remember | third trimester


Prenatal Yoga I started at 13 weeks and and in the early months being around pregnant women weekly was a sanity saver. The constant worry of ‘is this normal?’ eases a little when another woman mentions she’s experiencing the same thing. But now in the third trimester it’s a body saver. Just as soon as I think I can’t possibly stand the pain in my upper right back any longer, it’s time to go to yoga again. 75 minutes of stretching is pretty much the only thing that makes me comfortable these days.

Jamba Juice Until November, I’d probably had a smoothie twice since college. I’m not a smoothie or juice person at all, but something came over me one day and I had to have a Jamba Juice. Thus started a two month obsession with the Mega Mango. After the holidays I tamed the beast (I think I had one in January). The resulting heart burn and sugar cravings weren’t worth it. But I might need to have one more before the baby arrives.

Epsom Salt Baths I don’t remember why I started this, but I have an almost nightly ritual now of taking a (luke warm) bath. I use a ton of epsom salt, back from my CrossFit days, and read a book. It’s the most relaxing thirty minutes of my day. It also helps with aches and pains, I think just being in the water in general takes some of the load of my body. I am REALLY looking forward to a hot bath once I don’t have to consider heating amniotic fluid.

The Toe Watch So I had no idea I wouldn’t be able to see my toes at some point until a friend asked if I could still see them. This was around week 28 or so and I became obsessed with checking every morning. They finally disappeared during week 34. Not sure why this made me so happy, but I question nothing about feelings in pregnancy. Reference my newly established love of smoothies as proof nothing makes sense while you are growing a human.

Walking Always high on my list of favorite activities, but now it’s even more enjoyable. I’m not sitting and I’m not standing, both of which are less comfortable than moving. We’ve been doing Green Lake on the weekends and lots of neighborhood walks (when the doodle is willing to cooperate) during the week. Starting this weekend I’m hoping to do three miles a day as part of my eviction plan…

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