spring in January

While the rest of the country is enjoying the great blizzard of 2015, we are having spring-like weather here in Seattle. It has been gorgeous this week and I’ve been making sure to get outside and enjoy it.

Sunset views on Alfred’s walk Monday evening.

IMG_6925_edited-1 IMG_6927_edited-1Sunrise views and morning light while I went for coffee and a mile walk waddle on Wednesday before work.

IMG_6931_edited-1 IMG_6934_edited-1 IMG_6936_edited-1Morning light in our dining room on Thursday. This is my favorite, but usually it only happens in the late spring and summer.IMG_6939_edited-1

And from our front yard on Thursday – the beginning signs of daffodils and a sky that looks more August than January.

IMG_6945_edited-1 IMG_6944_edited-1I know this won’t last so I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible! Off to force the doodle on another morning walk while he’d rather be sleeping.



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