around here | winter 2015


I recently remembered the recap I did of our little family in fall and went back to read it. I love the details I captured that I probably would have forgotten about if I hadn’t taken the time to write them down. I’m hoping to continue to take the time to recap seasonally, especially once the baby comes.


KNITTING | A second knit blanket for the martian. I had big plans to make him or her a quilt (fabric is purchased and washed, design is determined) but I’ve decided that I’m just too big and bulky at the moment for that. New goal is to get it done before summer, in time to take with us on outdoor adventures.

WEARING | The same outfits over and over. I’m officially over maternity fashion and my wardrobe. I wash the same few items every Sunday and wear them again the next week. Probably even in the same order, but I haven’t paid that close attention.

COOKING | And meal planning and prepping and storing. The freezer is getting more full with food ready for when the baby comes. I’m so glad I’m making time for this.

DREAMING | About this baby. Boy or girl? Will it look like me or Greg? When will it come? What will we name it? (Nope, still no boy name.) It feels like we have enough preparation done that if it came now, we’d be okay. Which is both exhilarating and terrifying.


ORGANIZING | His childhood legos. And documenting it here. If you have an AFOL (adult fan of legos) in your life, or are one yourself, check it out!

STILL RECYCLING | All the boxes. It seems to be never ending and actually worse as baby stuff continues to arrive. Our recycling is only picked up every other week and we take in more during a two week period than we can get rid of in the one pick-up.

BENDING | At a weekly yoga class with a friend on Sunday mornings.

TRAVELING | A whole lot less. In fact, only one scheduled trip left before his moratorium on travel takes effect at the beginning of February. Something might come up, but for now it’s lot of time at home.


IMG_8704_edited-1-1WALKING | Around the lake again. Okay, so he has no control over this, but I’m getting back to moving and we’ve gone a few times. He gained quite a bit of weight the last few months (for his size) and I’m not entirely sure what the cause is. I’m hoping me being more active with him will help.

AVOIDING | The baby’s room. He doesn’t seem very interested in it. He’s kind of obsessed with our bedroom right now for whatever reason. We think maybe because it’s the only room in the house that hasn’t changed much lately. When we’re in the baby’s room he prefers to hang out in our room next door.

SHADOWING | Greg at all times. He follows him around constantly. And for a while was whining/crying when Greg left the house. He’s settled down a bit now that we’ve been home a lot lately. He’s definitely struggling with all the changes going on around the house and we’re trying to do the best we can to make it easier.

PLAYING | Us for treats. He has made a game of pretending he has to go to the bathroom so we’ll let him outside, knowing that most of the time he gets a treat when he comes back inside. This used to be fine when it was once in the evening before bed. Now he tries it four or five times. He’s no dummy.

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