my baby shower

My mom threw me a baby shower in Los Angeles last weekend for family, with the help of my sister and my best friend. It was at the Alcove restaurant in Los Feliz, my favorite little area of LA and where I would want to live if we ever moved back to southern California. We had a private back house to ourselves which was the perfect set up. I took no pictures, but my sister and mom took a few and I’m stealing them for this post.

IMG_1325_edited-1Almost all of my local aunts and cousins were able to make it. Nice to see everyone, since I have no idea when we’ll manage to get back down to the area. The food was really good. I had french toast, after my mom pointed out making sure that she had several paleo options on the menu for me. Thanks mom, but my own baby shower is a once in a lifetime event and I went with dessert for brunch. (And to be honest, then regretted it because the Cobb salad looked amazing.)

IMG_1344_edited-1We played two games and had some great conversations. It’s always fun to hear about my aunts’ experiences and how things have changed over the years. Everyone very generously showered the baby with gifts, including this little toddler USMNT uniform. He or she will be styling for many of the 2018 World Cup qualifying games.

IMG_1350_edited-1Somehow my mom found a place that would host a strawberry shortcake bar for dessert (my absolute favorite, followed closely by carrot cake). Even though I felt a little weird and shaky after my french toast (I do not do well with sugar), I took down a delicious piece of strawberry shortcake. A big thank you to my mom for making it a fun and special morning for me and the martian. Untitled-2

For one of the games, in which everyone wrote down advice, my mom had my sister take a picture of me with each guest. Here are just a few (SIL, sister, mom, aunt, aunt, bestie). I am cracking up because when I looked through all 20 or so of them, the only one in which I have “sorority arm” is with Lauren. It must just be engrained in me that when I pose with her I need to pop the elbow. I’d also like to thank everyone for coordinating well with my outfit. IMG_8754_edited-1

My sister and I shared a hotel room on Saturday night and I got to spend the afternoon and evening with this little guy. Is he not adorable? He is talking like crazy (even says “Aunt Beth”!) and is obsessed with trucks and cars. We took him for frozen yogurt for dinner (because when your nutritionist aunt comes to town, what else would you eat for dinner?) then hung out in our hotel. He made a game of surprising us from the closet while I failed miserably at teaching my sister how to knit. Apparently right handed knitting does not translate easily to left handed, or I’m a terrible instructor. Or both.

IMG_8756_edited-1We turned the light out at 9 to get Maks to bed, thinking we’d turn on the TV once he was out. Next thing I knew it was 6:30am. Two preggos and a toddler really know how to party. Though Maks did ask for a beer at one point after my sister said no to milk. One of us was trying for some fun.

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