the kitchen

I’m excited to be sharing another done room in our home! I don’t really think of the kitchen as a space that needs a lot of decorating, but ours definitely needed some help. IMG_3312_edited-1

This is the best before picture I can find of the whole room, but please note that I was specifically taking a picture to show what a disaster I make of the kitchen before dinner parties. The kitchen does not typically look like this!

Our kitchen is fairly small and galley style. I love our house but I do dream about the day I have a more open concept kitchen. To focus on the positives, the upsides are the great windows at the far end, the awesome stove, and the glass door cupboards.

And to call out the less positive, eggplant. I took to thinking of the walls as eggplant because it sounds better than purple, but either way they were incredibly dark. The other problem was the original light fixture.  Greg was always bumping his head on it and it just seemed in the way. That thing weighed more than 50 pounds when we finally took it down. We never used the small table because we both disliked being over in that corner of the room. It felt really claustrophobic.


I can’t even tell you how happy I am with the after. The new paint color alone was enough to make me fall in love with the kitchen. We removed the window coverings as well and gained several additional inches of light. Even on a gloomy Seattle day it is much more bright than before. IMG_8694_edited-1

We now eat dinner at the table! Okay, so sometimes we still eat on the couch. But when we do eat at a table, it’s here at this little one in our cozy nook. I used to think I needed a new table in here but now we’re perfectly happy with this 6 year old set from IKEA. Why replace what works, right? IMG_8703_edited-2We sold the old lamp (for nearly the exact same price as the new one – love when that happens!) and replaced it with this beauty from West Elm. I love that it adds some warmth with the wood but is out of the way. 

And in the evening it makes fun shadow wall paper.

Back when this wall was eggplant it didn’t look quite as bare, but with the new lighter paint we needed to put something up. I picked a few prints from around the internet that made me smile when I thought about their sentiment. I think they all go well in a kitchen. IMG_8697_edited-1

We took down a white board that had previously been above the stove. It was nice to hang things on, but with my short arms it was a pain and it never looked all that clean so I decided to do away with it and have the painters patch up the wall. This area looked a little bare as well and up went a basic clock. Yes there’s a clock just to the left on the microwave, that didn’t stop me.
IMG_8699_edited-1To corral fruit and veggies, I used to use a trifle bowl. I don’t even actually know what a trifle is, so I had no real use for the bowl other than storage. Unfortunately that bowl held, at most, three sweet potatoes and an onion. It drove Greg insane that  fruit and veggies were constantly rolling around the counter. I have to admit I love this basket too. Marriage therapy, people. Available at your local Crate & Barrel for just $19.95.

So that’s our kitchen. I love it. Next up is finishing the nursery. Hopefully before Martian arrives, but if not, then after. The kid is not gonna have a clue. Then I’m taking a break. Outside of decorating, we completed a handful of other (expensive) home improvement projects this year. Over summer we had our attic insulated, which is making a huge difference this winter in comfort and hopefully the gas bill as well. In October we had the interior painted one light, neutral color and then in November we had new carpet installed downstairs. The house is looking great but none of these projects was cheap! Decorating the dining room, living room and our bedroom will wait until later in 2015.

The Goods

pendant lamp // table (similar) // chairs // yellow pitcher // ‘gather’ print (I requested a custom layout as the original was landscape) // ’embrace the mess’ print (this was a free printable from A Beautiful Mess but I can’t find a link to it on their site now) // ‘food rules’ print // frames (looks like the 11×14 version is currently out of stock) // ampersand clock // fruit basket

As with our office decorating, it took me a while to collect everything as I refuse to buy anything until it’s on sale or I get a coupon for a store. (Unless it’s Amazon or IKEA because sales and coupons don’t happen). I also use Ebates for everything I buy online, when available for a given store. I so wish West Elm would jump on the Ebates bandwagon. 

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