incubating: weeks twenty nine to thirty two

Third trimester! Holy cow time is flying by. Unless I’m in bed trying to get comfortable, then it feels like time is at a complete stand still and I will never again have ab muscles to help me flip from one side to another.

IMG_6755_edited-1We made a lot of progress on the baby’s room this last month. We have all the furniture in place, along with the rug down and curtains up. The dresser is full of freshly washed newborn and 0-3 month clothes (most are hand-me-downs from friends which we are very thankful for!). There are still a lot of boxes being stored in the room and I haven’t put up any of the few decorations yet, but we’ll get there. Greg even got in on family memory documentation with his story of putting together the crib.

IMG_6694_edited-1A highlight of this last month was our babymoon trip to Victoria. It was super low key, full of sleep, food, and watching a lot of HGTV. The weather was gorgeous, chilly and sunny, and we enjoyed walking around the city, taking the bus out to Buchart Gardens, and exploring the Royal BC museum. We also had very limited internet (only when we went into a coffee shop with wifi), which I loved. It was nice not to be tied to devices all weekend. IMG_6670_edited-1We took the ferry from Seattle and stayed at the Fairmont right in the harbor. It was gorgeous and decorated like crazy for Christmas.

Our baby classes are in full swing. We are taking a seven week birth, breastfeeding and newborn class that we’re about half way through. I like that we get to see the same couples every week and hear about everyone’s experiences as we finish up our pregnancies. The class also organizes a get together a month or so after all the babies have been born. Next weekend we’re taking a baby care / CPR class. It came recommended by several friends and couples in our class. My MIL is joining us as well – I think it will be interesting to hear from her what has changed in the 30 years since her baby was a baby.

week29to32Physically, I’m moving into the uncomfortable stage. I finally have a night time pillow routine down so I’m getting a little more sleep, but everything is just harder to do and I get worn out very easily. I’ve had to cut back on how much I can expect to get done in a day, which is not something I’m enjoying. During week 31, I came down with some sort of sickness that was going around work. It was rough not being able to take anything to help with the sore throat and congestion or to get a good nights sleep. A few weeks later I’m still really congested but the midwives have told me it will just take a while given my suppressed immune system and limited lung capacity. (I’m sure the holiday doses of sugar are not helping either.)

On a more positive note, we’re “seeing” the baby all the time as it wiggles around. There truly is a martian in my stomach now. Since the baby is so much bigger these days (~4.5 pounds), Greg is really able to feel and see it. It’s crazy to think there will only be two (or three) more updates and then we’ll have a mini human here with us!

2 thoughts on “incubating: weeks twenty nine to thirty two

  1. Shaunacey

    so fun!!! feeling the baby move was such a strange but comforting thing when I was pregnant.
    You look wonderful and I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by!


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