around the house: christmas edition

I’m not a big holiday decorator. I prefer a few things that make the house festive but I’m not into looking like my home recently birthed Christmas all over the place. It’s just too much clutter for my taste. I also try to only buy a few new things each year so that as my tastes change I don’t find myself having to buy a whole house worth of decorations at some point.

IMG_8570_edited-1I love coming home to Christmas lights on the house and seeing our tree in the front window.

2014treeSpeaking of the tree, it’s pretty basic but I love it. It’s our old fake tree with a few new additions this year. My sister-in-law pinned a tree with two sized lights and I loved how it looked. I picked up two strands of larger bulbs from Target and added them along with the normal sized ones that are pre-hung on the tree. All of our ornaments are from friends, family, our childhoods, or ones we’ve picked out together.


The red and white garland took me a few hours to make last month and helps to fill in some of the holes that come with a not quite top of the line fake tree. I followed the same process as for my fall garland, but the strips of felt were only about half the length, four inches or so. (FYI – it takes longer when the strips are shorter as they are more difficult to tie.) It’s 25′ long (!) and cost about me $1.50 (maybe $5 if you don’t already have twine and some felt to start with).

IMG_8580_edited-1I had plans to make a second wreath this year, with a goal of eventually having four, one for each of the big windows in our living room. Let’s just say this was a Pinterest fail. After 90 minutes I had one good looking pom pom and three sad pom poms. And needed at least twenty more. Executive decision made.  Last year’s wreath looks lovely on the inside of our front door and 2014 won’t be the year of the second wreath. Moving on.


I wanted to do something simple on the dining room table that wouldn’t compete with the red in the living room. Loving the gold, white, wood and greenery. I really love how it looks with the candles lit in the evening. So warm and inviting. The table runner I made last year is on the kitchen table since that’s where we actually eat most of our meals these days.

Other than that, we have stockings, a bowl full of gold ornaments on an end table, a small “JOY” throw pillow, and an arrangement of holiday color glassy babies. Oh, and a brass reindeer from my late grandfather-in-law’s brass collection that I’m somewhat obsessed with. I am so excited that next year we’ll also have a little 10 month old to join in all the holiday decorating festivities around the house. Or at the very least to destroy them.

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