holiday wrapping paper

IMG_8563_edited-1Last year I purchased a very large roll of brown packaging paper. It’s seriously giant – a workout to move in and out of the closet. I use it for pretty much everything, from mapping out gallery photo walls before making nail holes to wrapping gifts. For Christmas this year I thought I’d go really simple and stamp the paper using paint and a sponge. There probably are better ways to do this (and I’m sure Pinterest can point you to them), but here’s what I did.

holidaypaperIt’s nowhere close to perfect. But that’s not the point of handmade holiday items, right? I dropped the sponge a few times and not every tree is well formed. I’ve moved on and love it. The sponge actually soaks up a ton of paint. I average about eight trees per dip, even with blotting the sponge after dipping so that it wouldn’t drip. Your hands will be messy, but acrylic/craft paint washes off easily with soap and water.

A note: While this is my first time using a sponge and paint, I have created wrapping paper using stamps and ink in the past. I highly recommend creating your pattern before you wrap as it looks much more like wrapping paper than if you wrap and stamp after only on the exposed paper.



To go with the paper I used gold ribbon that my mom picked up back in 2012 for any wedding ribbon emergencies we might encounter. We didn’t have any and I’ve had 30+ spools of gold ribbon for a while now. Glad to be putting them to good use finally. All of our gifts will be shipped so instead of gift tags that might rip off, I went through my scrapbooking supplies and pulled out a few sheets of white and gold letter stickers. Love how (aside from the sponge) I didn’t buy anything new for gift wrapping this year and am putting craft stashes to use.

Project: 10/35
Time: 30 minutes
Tutorial: n/a
Cost: $0.50 for a sponge (I already had the brown paper and white acrylic paint)

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