incubating: weeks twenty five to twenty eight

This past month is definitely the month where (sh)it got real. We are having a baby. Between my physical changes and preparations being made around the house, it’s hit us both that we are gearing up for something. It’s very exciting but also overwhelming. From the ‘oh my gosh we’re going to be in charge of a tiny human in twelve weeks’ perspective and the ‘oh my gosh, what have we done, life is totally changing’ perspective.

I think both feelings are normal. We start our childbirth and baby care class series next week and we agreed on reading a single book about babies, recommended by several people whose parenting style we appreciate (knowing nothing about being parents, of course). Neither one of us are interested in being overwhelmed by the experts before the baby is even here.

I think it’s funny that we’ve both had HOLY CRAP, LIFE IS CHANGING moments at different moments over the last month. The two I remember most are around flying and the Sounders. Basically two of the handful of things our lives revolve around.

We aren’t able to fit in a tropical babymoon (is there a more ridiculous word?) like we’d hoped, so the next best thing is one last vacation without a mobile child. We booked flights to Maui when the martian will be about four months old, figuring this trip will be something to look forward to during the long nights of the newborn stage. We didn’t want to spend the 360,000 miles for first (look at us being responsible parents now!) and were figuring out where to sit in coach. The look on Greg’s face when he found out you can’t have a lap infant in the emergency exit or the bulkhead row was priceless.

As for  me, our favorite bar to watch Sounders’ away matches is just a few blocks from our house, never crowded, always has multiple TVs on MLS, and has above average bar food. It is one of the few bars though that is 100% bar. (Most bars in Seattle have a restaurant area that is not 21+). Sadly babies are not exempt to the law and after what could have been our last away match of the season, I had a moment of panic about just where we’d watch next year. Greg smartly reminded me that we probably won’t get to watch matches as intently as we do now.

IMG_6491_edited-1The nursery is coming along slowly but surely. I think we’ll make a lot of progress now that the new carpet is in and the Thanksgiving holiday is over. I can’t wait to see how my vision for the room comes together (hopefully well!) and share pictures. I went on a small shopping spree for martian. Lucky for our bank accounts, there is only so much gender neutral clothing one wants to buy. And we’ve had some friends share their gender neutral newborn and 0-3 month hand-me-downs which has been awesome.

week25to28I already mentioned that I got in a little trouble at my last appointment for weight gain, but other than that nothing exciting to report. I passed my gestational diabetes (I chose to prick my finger after every meal for a week instead of drinking the stuff) and iron tests. Check out that growth in these four weeks. No wonder I’m having trouble bending to tie or zipper my shoes!

With that I’m closing out the second trimester. Hopefully next month I’ll be back with lots of photo updates of the room. I can’t believe we’re on to the third and will be meeting this little guy or girl soon after the holidays. So ready and so not ready at the same time!

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