december goals

I mentioned yesterday that I let my health take a backseat to getting sh*t done in November and that has left me feeling really tired and worn out. Switching things up for December seems like the smart move.


Goal One: Eat real food that I prepare for myself the vast majority of the time. Make holiday off-roading decisions thoughtfully and with weighing the consequences.

Goal Two: Get thirty minutes of exercise every day. Every. Day. Midwife’s orders. And because I know I will feel a thousand times better.

Short and sweet. Now on to the list of how I’d like to spend my time when the above goals are met each day (in no particular order):

Get the house ready for Christmas. Decorate the tree, wrap presents, send out the cards, make a second wreath (last year’s), and create a centerpiece for the table.

Complete my December Daily album. Stories and photos, one per day, for thirty one days. Nothing fancy. Just a way to remember this last holiday season as a family of 2+1.

Work on my website. This is a hard one to focus on because I spend all day on a computer and I like to come home and get away from screens. But I’d like to get the basics in place so I can start on the fun part – content.

Decorate the nursery. It would be nice to go into the new year knowing that we’re ready (ha!) should the martian come a little early. But in reality, as long as we have a carseat to take him or her home in, we’ll be fine. S/he will have no clue or care whether or not the nursery was complete.

Babymoon with Greg. Canada, here we come. It does’t quite have the same ring as ‘Maui, here we come’, but we can’t always make timing work out as we want. Victoria will be lovely and just slightly less tropical.

Create a plan for the living room and dining room. I’m working with a designer from West Elm to figure out what to do with our living room and dining room. I’m not even pretending we’ll actually do these things before the martian arrives, but having a plan of attack would be great.

Make a quilt for a Christmas gift. If this doesn’t get finished, I have a back-up plan, but I’m hoping to be able to give another quilt as a Christmas gift.

Finish the martian’s knit blanket. Still just chugging along on this. I might have bought the yarn to start the second one. I justified it by realizing I had made a rookie mom mistake with the yarn for the first one – it’s hand wash only. So clearly s/he needs a second one that can actually go in the washing machine, right?

Complete Project Life and One Little Word for 2014. I’d love to have these done going into 2015, but we’ll see. Not worth losing sleep and eating junk food over to get these done.

Simply because I like to keep myself accountable, here’s a recap of November

Health & Relationships

After yesterday’s post, it’s pretty clear that I’m not going to be checking ‘off-roading smartly’ off the list. But I’ve got a plan to fix that this coming month, so there’s that. ‘Get up and move’ was slightly better than eating. I gave myself a little tally mark every time I did an activity for more than thirty minutes, ending the month with nine. Not great, but could have been worse. I will say that we spent a lot more family time together this month and that was great. We said no to a few things to make time to just be.


IMG_6519I’m officially a business owner now that my LLC has been confirmed by the state! I didn’t make much progress on the other legal / set-up stuff. I’m planning on waiting until 2015 so that the money I spend is deductible (assuming I earn some income in the second half of the year). I decided to hold off on posting more on this blog to allow a little separation between my personal blog and my business site and so that my business website doesn’t start with a bunch of regurgitated information. I did published one post before deciding on that though.

I took on two new clients this month, both distant. It’s been a learning experience, both logistically and in working with actual individuals with real concerns. I’m really glad I’m doing it and I hope they are getting something out of it as well.



One blanket done, one very special blanket about 2/3 of the way done. I really need to start using bulky yarn! I’m making a sweet little striped blanket for martian but it’s taking forever. I made progress on the 2014 Project Life album. It’s not pretty and it certainly isn’t beautiful, but memories are off the computer and in an album to look at and remember. Same with One Little Word – slowly but surely making my way through 2014.


I prepped a full December Daily album and I’m so excited to be starting. It’s ready to drop pictures in and record stories. I hope I can make the time to actually complete it.


Everything for the nursery has been ordered! We got new carpet late in the month and had been waiting to start assembling and moving in furniture until that was done. Right now there is just a lamp and a dresser, but all other pieces are hanging out in the garage or in transit to us. Hopefully next weekend we’ll really be able to put the bones together. Since the dresser is ready I washed all our newborn and 0-3 month hand-me-downs (and a few things I bought). They look so sweet all tucked away in the drawers.


The kitchen is still a work in progress, but will be done shortly. I’m pretty sure the house will not be fully decorated before the martian arrives, but if we at least have 3 out of the 6 rooms done (office, kitchen, nursery), I’ll be happy.

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