around here | fall 2014

It seems as if we barely had time to adjust to fall before winter hit. Hopefully it’s temporary, but as I drove home from a work event on Tuesday evening it was in the high 30s at 8pm. I’m not sure I’m ready for this. Whether I am or not, we’re moving through the season and I thought I’d capture what’s going on with each of us this fall.


IMG_6445_edited-1EATING | Scrambled eggs. They have never tasted so good. And are so easy to make. I could eat them for all four meals a day, but martian probably needs other nutrients so I am trying to diversify.

WEARING | A puffy maternity jacket with a faux fur collar. The best advice I didn’t take was to not buy a winter coat. It’s been in the forties during the day all week. I don’t care how much extra blood I have pumping through my veins, I’m cold just like everyone else. And my jacket is keeping me toasty.

READING | Non-fiction library books. I have a new evening routine that’s helping me sleep better and it just happens to involve about thirty minutes of reading every night. I’m loving it.

PLANNING | My business. I’m so excited about what the future potentially holds. So many ideas, too little time. Trying to take it one day at a time and realize there is no timeline. I don’t have to figure it all out today or tomorrow or this year or even next year. It will evolve. An hour a day is more than zero hours a day.


IMG_6405_edited-1CELEBRATING | Eleven years with our company. We had dinner with his boss and wife on Saturday night as a little thank you. Good food + good company is the best way to celebrate a milestone.

RECYCLING | All the boxes. When we say we are going to do something, we mean it. And we decided to decorate the damn house finally. Which means furniture has been arriving daily which means the cardboard box pile is untamable. But he’s trying.

NESTING | Potentially more than the actual pregnant lady he’s married to. The house is clean and he’s dying to clean out the kitchen cupboards and all the closets. Our shared to-do lists are updated nearly hourly. Given we still have three months to go, we are going to be so organized by the time martian arrives.

CHEERING | On the Sounders. It is fun to sit next to Greg at games. He really doesn’t care about sports, but once we’re actually at the stadium he gets very into the game.


IMG_6469_edited-1PROTESTING | Using the backyard bathroom. After three accidents in two weeks (after no accidents in nearly two years), we have instituted twice daily poop walks. We’re not sure if he is rebelling against all the change going on in the house or what, but he flat out refuses to go to the bathroom in the yard. Sigh. At least we’re all getting a lot of steps in!

SNUGGLING | Occasionally. Occasionally is more than he used to snuggle and we’ll take it!

BARKING | At all the Craigslisters. We’ve had so many people coming to buy old furniture and the poodle in him just can’t handle all these strangers threatening his people.

ADJUSTING | To new sleeping habits. We’re trying to not let him sleep in our room. I don’t want to wait to kick him out when the baby gets here so we’re starting early. Sometimes we actually succeed. His back up sleeping spot was under the guest bed, which is now gone. Poor guy. Maybe he’ll start sleeping on his actual bed that he’s never once slept on?

Inspired by a post from Ali Edwards that I remembered reading over the summer. 

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