incubating: weeks twenty one to twenty four

And just like that, we’re another four weeks closer to meeting the martian!

Week twenty was a big week – I switched to maternity clothes. I probably should have done this a few weeks earlier. Life has been a little more comfortable since then. I also became obsessed with spicy mustard and anything that can be used as a vessel to eat more of it.

The most exciting event of the last month was Greg feeling martian kick for the first time! We also signed up for our childbirth and baby care classes. It is fun that we’re able to do a little more of this together now as we get closer to the big day.

We had the house painted during week 22, which is step one in getting the house ready for the martian. Next up is carpet and then finally creating the nursery. Greg prefers that we continue to call it the guest room so the martian understands that s/he’s a long term guest with an eighteen year reservation.


My email for week twenty two mentioned that the baby was the size of a spaghetti squash. I just happened to have one on the counter and my photographer was home.

week21to24My 24 week appointment was not too exciting. The appointments without an ultrasound always feel like a little bit of a letdown. I am happy to say that I stood my ground on the glucose test and will be doing an alternative test. Our midwife mentioned that starting at the next appointment we’ll be getting assignments and things will start to feel more real. I have no idea what that means, but it is a little terrifying that my next appointment ends the second trimester.

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