menu monday: breakfasts on the go

Last week I had a bit of a blogging epiphany. When I post my menu, it’s before the week is over and often times I don’t have many pictures or haven’t tried all the recipes. I realized (after two years of posting menus), if I skip a week, I can start posting my menu after I’ve made every meal. That means pictures and not sharing recipes that don’t turn out well. Sometimes I’m brilliant (or really dense?).

Instead today, I thought I’d tackle one of the common questions I get from my co-workers. My co-workers were incredibly supportive as I went through my studies and have turned out to be a great source of inspiration as I think about building my practice. A conversation about breakfast earlier this week gave me an idea for today’s post.

A co-worker mentioned that she feels better and has more energy when she eats a good breakfast (yay!) but is having trouble managing to do that consistently while also getting herself ready for work, helping her kids on their way to school, and commuting. We talked about prepping breakfast for the week so that she always has something ready to grab from the fridge.

While I’ve mentioned all of these before, I thought it might be helpful to include my list of cook ahead, portable breakfasts in one post. There are tons of ideas out there if you search, but these are the ones I go to week after week. I think it’s important to have a few options in your rotation. I know from experience that if you get stuck in a rut, breakfast burn out can happen!


Breakfast Casseroles. Casseroles are probably the most common breakfast in our rotation, especially in fall and winter when I want a hot breakfast. I’ve shared both these recipes countless times, but in case you’ve missed them I highly recommend Southwest Frittata and Chorizo Breakfast Casserole.

Once baked and cooled, slice your casserole into the number of desired servings (I slice each of the recipes I’ve linked to into six servings). I then wrap in aluminum foil, tossing a few in the fridge for upcoming days and the rest in the freezer. I use the microwave at work to reheat. If frozen, they taste better when thawed overnight in the fridge rather than nuked from frozen. I usually top with avocado slices for a little extra fat to get through the morning.


Prosciutto Egg Cups. I stumbled across this idea on Instagram a few months ago, but I’m unable to remember who shared the picture and give them credit. This has to be the easiest breakfast ever. Line the cups of a muffin tin with slices of prosciutto. I usually use half a slice per cup, making sure to press the slice together so there are no holes in the bottom or sides. Crack an egg into each cup and add a touch of paprika. Bake in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes or until the eggs are cooked to your liking.

I usually enjoy two or three for breakfast. I make a dozen at a time and store them in individual serving sizes. So easy to grab in the morning and you can even eat them without a fork.

IMG_5935_edited-1Egg Salad. I love egg salad over baby spinach, especially in the summer when I’m not looking for a warm breakfast. I make a big batch of hardboiled eggs on Sunday and a batch of homemade mayo. I like to peel all the eggs at once and make my egg salad, portioning it into daily servings. Having it already made and ready to go helps when I’m lazy in the latter part of the week. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll chop my baby spinach. What is it about a chopped salad that just seems better?

I typically top my egg salad with spicy sauerkraut. If we’re out of sauerkraut, I’ll add a healthy dose of hot sauce. We love Horsetooth Hot Sauce.


Salmon cakes. Weird? Maybe. Delicious? Definitely. Sometimes I don’t want an egg dish for breakfast, but I still want something I can make a batch of over the weekend. I follow the salmon cakes recipe from Well Fed 2, which is not available online. A similar recipe for mackerel cakes is available though, if you’re curious to try. They make for a great summer breakfast because I like to eat them cold and topped with a dab of homemade mayo. This is another recipe you can make on Sunday, portion into your daily containers, and not think about again.

Next week I’ll share the “recipe” I’ve been using to make a breakfast casserole with whatever leftovers are in the fridge on Sunday. 


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