Lately I’ve been listening to podcasts while driving, walking, and cooking. Between my daily commute, trying to get out and walk more, and my weekly cook-up, my current list of podcasts runs out before I have new episodes to enjoy.

I thought perhaps we can do a little sharing? Here’s what I’m enjoying these days – pretty much all around food and small business. I’m hoping any of you out there in blogland who also enjoy a good podcast will leave your favorites in the comments.

Real Food + Health

Balanced Bites: The first podcast I ever downloaded. Diane and Liz make a great team and have recently reworked their format so that it’s full of great content and structured really well. If you’re looking for detail on a given real food topic or maybe a specific condition, it’s likely they’ve covered it and you would be able to find it in the archives.

Underground Wellness: I just jumped on Sean Croxten’s podcast and I can’t leave much of a review yet. So far, so good though. There are several older episodes I’m looking forward to digging into.

The Paleo View: This used to be one of my favorites and while it’s still in rotation, it might not make it much longer. The banter is quickly becoming more than half the episode and the content of said banter usually leaves me more annoyed than anything. However, the science portion is great, which is what keeps me listening. I’m not sure I recommend subscribing right now, but definitely check out the archives if you are looking for information on a specific topic. Sarah has an excellent way of taking complicated material and breaking it down.

Small Business

Build a Badass Business: A second podcast by Diane Sanfilippo (of Balanced Bites) all about building a small business and geared towards health and nutrition. It’s pretty new so the archives are small, but I’m feeling inspired after each one. Each episode is a quick 15 minutes or so that covers a specific topic.

Elise Gets Crafty: It’s clear I have a girl crush on Elise and would quickly name her as my “favorite blogger” if forced to choose. She started a podcast this year in which she talks about business, inspiration, creatively, etc. I love that her subject area (crafting/products) has nothing to do with the direction I want to take my career and I don’t get caught up in exactly what she’s doing. Instead I focus on the lessons of each episode and how they might apply to me.

General Food

America’s Test Kitchen: I just got into this and I love it. It’s well produced and full of fun facts, both cooking tips and random bits of culinary history. It’s not real food based, but I love that it promotes and enables home cooks.

So, what are you listening to?

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