the black and white blanket


Some project are labors of love but the anticipation of the finished product keeps you going. That is exactly how I felt while making this blanket. I first saw the style on Elise’s blog over a year ago. It wasn’t until after I successfully knit a blanket for a friend’s baby that I decided I could take on this one. 

It was actually quite simple once I dove in, seeing that it followed my typical rules for knitting – no patterns and only using the knit stitch. I don’t like to spend free time knitting, I prefer to keep it my TV watching, long car ride riding, and flying activity. This is only possible for me if I don’t have to pay attention to a pattern or keep track of the number of stitches I’ve done in a given style. All I had to do for this blanket was count the number of rows to make sure they were even.

I made the blanket in five long columns that I then stitched together. I’m not sure I followed the stitching together part exactly as it’s stated in the original blog post. I just found a way to make it work for me. So far it’s all held together! The columns made it portable. One problem with a blanket is that by the end, it’s huge. This blanket was easy to take with  me on our travels to work on given that I only ever had to bring a piece that was about 8 inches wide.


It’s the perfect size to curl up in and watch TV (while working on the next project, of course!). ff you cuddle closely you can fit a second person under as well. I love that if I want to expand it at some point I can do so by knitting a sixth (or seventh or eighth) column.


Right now, it’s about 56 inches by 38.

IMG_8337_edited-1I didn’t keep very good stats on any projects I worked on while in school. I know I used eight skeins of each yarn and I’m pretty sure I got them on sale for $2.99. I might have bought a new pair of needles for the project but I’m not positive. In terms of time, I worked on this over the course of seven months, on and off. It took pretty much forever, but was an easy project to set down and pick up again later.

Project: 8/35
Time: no clue, but it was a marathon, not a sprint
Tutorial: checkered knit blanket
Cost: ~$30.00 (16 skeins of yarn on sale and a new set of knitting needles)

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