fall decorating

When I learned to sew last fall I set a goal of creating 35 projects by my 35th birthday (a.k.a. 35×35). Then I took ten months to pursue schooling in nutrition and find myself having completed six sewing projects with 14.5 months to go until my 35th birthday. I’m changing my goal to be 35 craft projects. The point was to try new things and use the creative side of my brain more, so I’m okay with whatever medium that comes in. It doesn’t always have to be cotton. IMG_8316_edited-1

I knew I wouldn’t have much time for fall decorating given my school finals, but I wanted to have a little something in the house. Last year, (my favorite blogger) Elise shared a felted garland she created as part of her handmade holiday series. I decided to change up the colors and use her instructions to make a fall garland for our table.
IMG_8317_edited-1Out of convenience I went to the Joanne’s that has much less variety and had to work with the felt they had available. In the end I really love the color combo of orange, green, purple, cream, and tan. Typically I am not a big fan of purple, but it works here.

IMG_8282_edited-1This project is incredibly cheap, easy and quick. I cut the fabric during one episode of Burn Notice and put together the garlands during a second episode. I ended up having about half the felt left when I was done with my first garland. I’m not sure if I misread something or if mine is that much shorter than Elise’s. Either way, I made a second garland and sent it to my sister for her table.

Project: 7/35
Time: 2 hours for 2
Tutorial: felted Christmas garland
Cost: $6.14 for both (1/4 yard of 5 felt colors; roll of twine)

candlesticks and placemats are both from Crate&Barrel (wrinkles not included); mini pumpkins were a gift from my MIL 

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