maternity capsule wardrobe

This weekend I reduced my closet to include only the clothes that fits me now. All my non-maternity, non-stretchy clothes are now boxed up in the garage, to be opened sometime in 2015. I thought it might be depressing, but it’s actually really nice to know that everything in my closet fits.

The hardest part, which I hadn’t even thought about prior to cleaning out the closet, was packing up all my business casual clothes. I’m keeping a very open mind about what life after the martian will be look like and I don’t know whether or not these clothes will be worn again. Some of my BR pants I’ve had for years. They’ve gone to big meetings, frustrating meetings, happy hours, and everything in between. This is a story for another day though.

I have built what I’m considering my maternity capsule wardrobe, thanks for the help of Alison’s Fall Style Me challenge. I didn’t follow the list exactly this season as I needed to swap out a few pieces that won’t work for me given this cute little bump I’m toting around. I focused mostly on layering to make it through the mild fall and chilly (but not cold) winter in Seattle. I’d love to avoid purchasing a maternity winter coat. In addition to being warm enough, I also want to look somewhat stylish and pregnant. I selected items that won’t hide the bump. I’ve found, at least on my shape, flowy clothes just make me look big. Enhancing the bump is a much more flattering look for me.

My goal was simple: create a neutral wardrobe for under $300 in new purchases and have enough variety to survive through spring. I definitely succeeded on the neutral part, maybe too well. I want to be able to pull everything out down the road for a hopeful baby #2 and not find pieces that look dated. On the budget, I went just over by spending just under $350. However, I think I have enough variety to actually last through February + the postpartum days before my clothes fit again. IMG_8253_edited-1


New purchases: Three pairs of maternity jeans from Old Navy – dark skinny jeans, slightly looser jeans that can be rolled, and a pair of gray jeans.

From the closet: Black leggings. With a belly band or long tank, I think I can get away without buying maternity specific leggings. A black and white striped dress that I picked up when I first found out I was pregnant over the summerIMG_8256_edited-1


New purchases: Three long maternity tanks in gray, black, and white. A maternity v-neck sweater in gray. A maternity black and gray striped long sleeve shirt. A non-maternity red buffalo plaid shirt.

From the closet: The ever popular “blardigan” in gray. A blue and gray flannel button down (Nordstrom last year).

On load from a friend: Seven short-sleeve maternity tops. She had her baby in summer but these should be great layering pieces.

Not yet arrived: Three layering long sleeve maternity tees (white, navy, and orange) and two open front maternity cardigans (blue and tan).

IMG_8266_edited-1Accessories and Shoes

New purchases: Replacement nude flats for mine that were falling apart (SO sad I couldn’t find the exact shoes, I’d have bought thee pairs). Colorful plaid scarf. Nude skinny belt (I wanted gold but Target didn’t have my size in the store).

From my closet: Leopard flats. Brown ankle boots. Cognac knee boots. Black scarf with gold stars. Orange striped infinity scarf (gift). Turquoise infinity scarf. Leopard scarf. Gray infinity scarf. Cobalt skinny belt. Leopard skinny belt. Black hand bag. Gold ladder necklace. Gold pendant necklace. Olive military jacket (Old Navy; been in my closet for years because it’s too big, but fits now). Gold watch (forgot to add to picture).

Not yet arrived: A black and white buffalo plaid infinity scarf. Black maternity tights. White maternity puffer vest (hopefully will suffice as a coat for winter when layered well).

Thoughts on the Capsule

It’s very neutral. I think I will miss all the color I learned to bring in during spring and summer. Hopefully scarves will help brighten up the neutral. And the few pieces I’m still waiting on are colorful as well.

I’m even more glad now that I participated in Alison’s spring challenge. Understanding what looks good on me, how I like to dress, and how to maximize my purchases made pulling this together much easier. I went back to my own post on putting together my new wardrobe a few times while gathering my new goods.

I really wanted to buy a layered gold necklace but figured it was not a necessity and not worth going over budget. Stella and Dot has so many fun engravables I’ve had my eye on and then I saw this pinned on Pinterest. Maybe I’ll be big as a house for the Winter Style Me challenge and use my budget for jewelry instead of clothes.

I’m glad I set a budget, even if I went a little over. For spring I just sort of bought stuff and probably spent more than I conveniently think I did. Setting a budget before the shopping list was released made me prioritize and really think before buying.

The two most expensive items I purchased (aside from the nude flats) were my two scarves. That seemed silly at first, but those are the pieces that will be able to move on to next winter so I guess it makes sense given my current ‘condition’.


None of the clothing links included in this post are affiliate links (I’m way not stylish enough for the powers to be to let me in on that!). I had no idea where to start with maternity clothes shopping and ended up being pretty happy with where I ended up. Finding all these links was a good study break and maybe they’ll help someone else get started. 🙂 

Late registration is still open for the Fall Style Me Challenge if you are looking for a fun way to update your wardrobe. You can easily get away with shopping your own closet only. What I love about the way Alison has done this is you can spend as little (or as much) as you’d like and still play along.  

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