let’s do this, october

IMG_6119_edited-1September was both productive and exhausting.  The fact that I managed to get through most of my goals while we traveled three out of the four weekends this month probably explains the exhaustion. That and a steady diet of sugar.

I’m happy with where I am for school. I still have some practice client work, but I’ve already jumped into studying for the final so all in all I’m feeling good about my progress. Turning in my community project was a huge sense of accomplishment and relief. I had fun doing it, and it spurred many more ideas for future content, but it was a bit of an undertaking while keeping up with class work and getting ready for the final.

I made the tiniest bit of progress on OLW by finishing up May. I’m still months behind but I will get there. After packing my big camera for two weekends away I realized there is a reason phone cameras continue to improve: they are so much more convenient. I need to use my big camera at home more, but see no reason to bring it on trips when my iPhone does the job. october2014I’m keeping things simple in October. Two goals, both big undertakings, but both worth it. There are plenty of responsibilities that require my attention this month (the house being painted, our renter moving out) and other opportunities I want to pursue (decorating the house, taking part in the style me challenge, planning for the martian). I needed to set some priorities and these two goals are them. Hopefully I’ll also find time to fit in a little crafting and interview renters. Know anyone in Seattle needing a new home?

Happy October!


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