incubating: weeks thirteen to sixteen

Catching up on documenting the beginning of my pregnancy, before it is over. I’m twenty weeks and it continues to fly by ridiculously fast. I am not going to point out that this is halfway only to jinx myself into enjoying 42 weeks, but twenty already?!?

IMG_5908_edited-1During week 13 I went back to work after my sabbatical. I went back on a Wednesday which made it slightly less painful, though it was still hard. The fatigue was going strong and I was generally exhausted from nearly three weeks of travel. As my sister pointed out, at least I had pretty nails.

Then the magical fourteenth week happened. I’ve spoken to many women who said they woke up one day and felt normal again. I never believed them and then it happened to me. It was amazing. I woke up one day during the fourteenth week and and I just felt… normal. Like a human again. Have I mentioned it was amazing?

IMG_5910_edited-1I started prenatal yoga at 13 weeks and I love it. It’s not a ‘tough’ workout, but stretching and focusing for 75 minutes once or twice a week has really been a great outlet. I haven’t met many women yet due at the same time, but I’m hoping as we get closer more will start attending. I also started walking more, especially around Green Lake with Alfred, and doing Barre3 prenatal workouts online. I feel really good when I workout and eat well. I don’t when I don’t. Funny how that works.


At the end of week 15 my brother and sister and their families came to visit. I realize now that I never posted about it. I am so excited that next year martian will have all these older cousins to play with and learn from. Watching Maks and Alfred become friends made me so excited for martian to arrive and to watch Alfred with him or her. IMG_5993_edited-1

I have no idea what happened to my pictures of Avery and Benji. This is the only one I could find, which is Joey and Britt dealing with a blowout outside of one of the open houses we visited. Having three kiddos two and under in the house for a weekend was so much fun and yes, definitely eye opening. We’re in for a wild ride and I’m so excited about it! Greg is very excited as well, and armed with a dust buster.


Around week 14 I bought the first (and still, at twenty weeks, the only) baby item. If martian turns out to be a boy this is what he’ll come home from the hospital in because I’m obsessed with it. And honestly, at the rate I’m accumulating baby gear, if martian is a girl she’ll probably come home in this as well.


Martian is definitely growing! My 16 week appointment was quite uneventful, which is always a good sign. I heard the heartbeat for the first time outside of an ultrasound. We also got word that our blood tests did not show any markers to be concerned about.

I’m finally caught up! Today is our twenty week appointment and includes the anatomy scan. Since we’re not finding out the gender I hope we at least get to take a few peaks of the martian without ruining the surprise. And of course, more than anything, I hope we see a healthy, growing baby. 

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