menu monday: a guide to making nutritional recommendations a reality

This isn’t a real menu monday post, but I’m very excited to share the following with you…

Official school countdown: 20 days! I can’t believe this journey is coming to an end, even if it feels like the next three weeks will be a little hellish. I’ve learned way more than I anticipated and am fired up in different ways than I thought I would be. Not better or worse, just different. One of the bonuses is the group of new friends who have come with the class. I look forward to supporting and leaning on them as we move outside the classroom and into the real world.

One of the last assignments I needed to complete (aside from my written and practical finals coming up in 18 days) was my community project. Our program has been very big on application and while it makes me uncomfortable, I’m glad it pushed me out of my comfort zone. I will book learn, take tests, and rock them all day. I much prefer assignments that are black and white, have right and wrong answers. But the community project and the Functional Eval that we learned are so not that. It’s good to stretch yourself, right?

If you’ve read my blog before you know I’m a total Type A who loves to plan, especially when it comes to food. For my project, I took this love and turned it into a resource for anyone who is transitioning to a real food diet and might need help with making it work from a practical standpoint. I go into detail on shopping, meal planning, and doing a cooking session to prepare for the week ahead. I have many more ideas I want and hope to add in over time, but I had to draw the line somewhere for my project.

More details and the link are on my new Thriving in the Kitchen page. I hope you enjoy and find it useful!

I have to give a quick thank you to my mom who edited and provided a few of her tips as well. 

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