looking forward

I’m five weeks out from earning my NTP certification. While I’m really excited about what I can do with this in the future, if I’m totally honest short term I’m looking forward to gaining a little bit of freedom back. As I start this list it’s Saturday night and I’m alternating between finishing the last book I have to read and working on my community outreach project.

Before going to bed on Sundays I create a list of what needs to get done the next week to make sure I actually end up with that certification in mid-October. When I get home from work each night, I make myself dinner and pretty much start in on the list. It’s not surprising I’m taking a few minutes to day dream about what I’m going to do with all my free time come October 20th.

1. Cook! And meal plan and prep and bring back Menu Monday. I’ve pretty much given up on preparing food right now. We’re eating a lot of rotisserie chicken, eggs, sausage, and yes, take out. It doesn’t feel great but I’m managed to stay 100% gluten and diary free (to my knowledge) and that’s a big enough win for me right now.

2. Read! And support my local library. I miss reading for fun BIG TIME. I did a tiny bit while we were in Jamaica, but that’s pretty much it. I’ve read a few fascinating books through my program (and a few ones that made me want to poke my eyeballs out), but getting lost in a great novel or memoir has not happened in way too long. I’m already loading up my library queue, hoping to have some popular books ready for me next month.


I’m obsessed with this shirt that made the Pinterest rounds last week. We’re doing a no-spend September and by October I’ll be too big for a t-shirt. I’m crossing my fingers it’s still available in the spring.

3. Plan! This baby isn’t going to prepare for itself. I hear you need a few things for a baby. While we are choosing to take a very minimalist approach to baby stuff, the martian does need a few things. I should probably figure out what those are and buy them.

4. Talk! And by that I mean call my mom back and have a conversation with her. You know, after the third voicemail rather than my current record right now which is probably after the tenth or so. Love you, Mom. Just hold on five more weeks.

5. Paint! My nails, not the house. We’re leaving the house painting to a professional. I’m so unbelievably excited that by the end of October our house will be one or two neutral colors instead of the eight loud colors it currently is. But my nails. Nail care has been severely neglected of late and I can’t wait to take ten minutes and add a little fall color to my paws.


I can’t even tell you how much I’m looking forward to not having a purple kitchen. We’re most likely going with the color on the far right for the majority of the house and the far left for the kitchen. Our cabinets and wainscoting are white and I think we need something with a little more contrast in here. 

6. Leave! The office. Not the work office, but our office. It feels like we spend all of our time at one sitting in our office starting at the back of each other’s computers. I’m looking forward to once I don’t have to planted in my chair all the time and having time to get out and do stuff together more.

7. Craft! Sew and knit and project life. I miss making things. I decided not to start any new projects once I finally completed the checked blanket (note to self: blog about blanket). I’m declaring November to be the month of crafting.

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