IMG_6005_edited-1We just got back from spending the weekend in southern Washington for Greg’s team’s annual retreat, Reboot. It happened to be my three year anniversary of moving to the PNW and I can’t imagine having spent it in a more pituresque place.  I wish we had had time to explore the area more. It was a bit of a haul to get down there and I don’t think we’ll be heading that way again soon. reboot2014

I can’t believe that next month we will have a combined 16 years working at Slalom. Given that we only have 22 years of post-college work experience, I think it says a lot about how much we love our company.

I don’t have a menu plan for the week because I spent any free time I had over the weekend getting schoolwork done. So we’ll be eating sausages, from the freezer, and who knows what else. I probably should be more prepared but some weekends it just doesn’t happen. The goal is to just make the best choices I can with what I’ve got.

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