a little goal wrap-up

I tried a new goal system for the month of August (the second half, actually) and it worked for me. I would love get back to biting off bigger, seasonal goals but right now this is working. And I like sticking with what works.

I am happy with where I ended August. I got back into meal planning and cooking and absolutely love exercising again. Four times a week feels like a perfect amount – enough that I need to plan and prioritize, but not so much that I am stressed by it. Right now I’m all about prenatal yoga. I’m going to two studios and also mixing in long walks with the dog and some Barre3 online workouts.

IMG_5995-1_edited-1The blanket is done! Holy cow it was a labor of love, but love it I do. It will get it’s own post soon enough. I also made a ton of progress with school work. I didn’t get to check off my first goal, but all that is left is the second half of Omnivore’s Dilemma and I’m getting through it quickly. My community project is outlined and the first of six sections is written.

IMG_6002-1_edited-1As I wrote out goals for September they felt too tactical. More like a to-do list than actual goals. But I stepped back and realized that I’m in the final throws of part one of my huge goal to change careers and move into the nutrition field. Obtaining my NTP certification is the first step in that process and I’m down to the last seven weeks – of course it feels tactical right now.

Most of my month will be spent getting ready for my final weekend of class. I tried to throw in a few additional goals that will actually be doable. My OLW project was last updated in April, so I’m just a little behind. I went with “make progress” versus “finish x number of months” so that any progress will be a win. And lastly, I want to use my big camera a few times. It’s collecting dust on our bookshelf right now and crying out to be used.

Happy (and productive!) September, friends. And a very happy 26th birthday to my little sister!

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