one more photo

I shared pictures from our trip to Jamaica yesterday, but there was one I left out. Today I’m very excited to share it with you. IMG_5789_edited-1We were battling waves and trying to make it to dinner on time, so it’s not quite as perfect of a picture as I had in my mind (perhaps preparing us for the future?). In case it’s not clear, our exciting news is that Baby Martin (a.k.a. #ourlittlemartian on Instagram) will be arriving mid-February!

I’m hoping to do a recap post of the first trimester soon since I’m well into the second at this point and don’t want to forget it all. But for now, the important details: We are due 2/15, which puts me in my 16th week and baby at the size of an avocado. Our appointments so far have been great and I am feeling really good (so thankful).

Right now my goal is simply to keep up with life and make it through school (seven weeks to go!). Once I finish on 10/19 it will be full steam ahead with baby prep. I’m pretty sure the next 24 weeks will fly by given the holidays. I’m really excited that my least favorite season of the year will now have an awesome annual event!


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