sabbatical days, part 4

The next week of my sabbatical was spent visiting family. From San Francisco I flew to Denver to spend a few days with my family. I spent a lot of time hanging out with this guy and his two aunts (of whom I did not get a single picture).




On Tuesday, we went for a hike just twenty minutes from my parents’ house. To say Colorado is beautiful is simply an understatement. IMG_5730_edited-1 IMG_5733_edited-1 IMG_5735_edited-1That night we had dinner with my dad then headed out for a girls night of wine + painting. IMG_5741_edited-1

It was really fun and much easier than I thought it would be. Here’s proof that I actually painted something (that promptly was left at my parents’  for goodwill).

IMG_5743_edited-1 IMG_5746_edited-1 IMG_5747_edited-1 IMG_5749_edited-1 IMG_5752_edited-1

We spent the second half of the class giggling like preteen boys. I happened to turn around and see something interesting on the lady’s painting behind me. I was able to grab a quick photo when she went to refill her wine. I’ll let you interpret for yourself (top left of the painting).


I flew home late Wednesday night and Friday we loaded up for Eastern WA. We like to spend 4th of July with my in-laws but we had a last minute change of plans this year to attend my Grandma’s funeral in Los Angeles. Luckily we were able to fit in a trip before we headed to Jamaica.

Alfred is in dog-heaven on the orchard. He played with that sprinkle for hours. Greg got A to follow him on the four-wheeler (pretty sure that is the first time ever this city girl has typed “four-wheeler”), but of course when I went to try and get some video of it he wouldn’t do it again. IMG_5768_edited-1 IMG_5776_edited-1 IMG_5762_edited-1

On Tuesday we headed out to Redmond to drop off the doodle for a vacation at Club Grandma while we head to Beaches Ochos Rios in Jamaica. It’s a rare week we make the rounds through ALL sets of parents!


2 thoughts on “sabbatical days, part 4

  1. rann1950

    1. The “Captian Adorable” T-shirt says it all about this little guy.
    2. I know/see the “shape” on the painting. I’m still laughing!
    3. Dad and son (and also other son) look like clones from the back…always have, always will. 🙂
    4. Club Gramma ALWAYS welcomes her favorite Doodle!


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