sabbatical days, part 3

My sabbatical is quickly coming to an end as I go back to work on Wednesday. I’m sad but also really ready to get back into a routine. The only excitement I have planned for the next two days is massive amounts of school work to get ahead as much as I can and a big cook up. Maybe some dog walking when it’s not 90 degrees. Exciting times! But after 8 flights in the last two and a half weeks I’m ready for a little boring.


IMG_5702_edited-1After my quick trip trip to visit the Smithskis in LA I was off to the Bay Area. If there’s one thing I learned on this trip, it is that home doesn’t have to be limited to one place. Seattle is definitely home for this season of our life. But when I land at LAX, or drive into the city from SFO, or walk into my parents’ home that I’ve never actually lived in, it all feels just like home as well. Each city has a very specific place or view that feels like home and I never recognized that until I visited all three in eight days.


My first stop was to see Alyssa and meet sweet baby Stella. She was born in March and we had yet to be introduced. It was such a nice afternoon of catching up with a good friend and getting baby snuggles. We had to laugh that it seems like just yesterday we’d be lamenting about nonexistent love lives over wine and sushi and here we are now, looking back on those days with some nostalgia and maybe even a little envy. IMG_5699_edited-1I forgot to ask if I could share pictures of Stella so I’ll just share this one of us taking her on a flower adventure at the condo’s garden.


Once it was time to start Stella’s bedtime routine I hopped in my rental and drove up to Napa for the main event. My oldest SF friend, Kathy, is getting married in September and it was time to send her off to married life with a fun bachelorette party. Her friend Andrea planned the weekend and it was perfect – relaxing and fun. The amazing weather helped as well.


We stayed at an adorable inn that I’ve already told Greg we’ll be visiting for an anniversary at some point. Seriously, the breakfast spread alone was worth it. After fueling up on Saturday morning we were off to the wineries. First stop – Domain Chandon for a champagne tasting.

IMG_5706_edited-1 IMG_5705_edited-1

After bubbles and grabbing lunch we were off to a second winery. They set up our group in their dining space and it was beautiful. The winery’s manager went through the tasting with us and mentioned she usually dreads bachelorette parties. She appreciated how well behaved we were and how many questions we asked about each wine. #thiritiesaresomuchbetterthantwenties

IMG_5710_edited-1 IMG_5714_edited-2

Britt and Vanessa weren’t able to stay for the whole weekend but I was so glad they were able to come up for the day on Saturday. I miss these girls so much! Excited to see them again in September at the wedding. IMG_5711_edited-1We are doing our job well to send her off in style.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 9.13.36 AM

This is a terrible photo because I stole it off Kathy’s Instagram, but it’s the lovely bride-to-be and her side of the wedding party.

We went out to dinner Saturday night at a restaurant down the block from our hotel. I’m pretty sure we were all in bed by eleven though it was a great time. Did I mention bachelorette parties in your thirties are awesome? On Sunday morning I woke up early and drove back through wine country and the city to catch a flight. It was a gorgeous morning, I wish I had stopped to take pictures along the way. Next stop: Denver.


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