{72 hours} waikiki

Two weekends ago we had the opportunity to spend a few days on Oahu. Greg was there for work during the week and we found a good deal with miles for me to fly out Thursday night. Greg had some work to do Friday morning so I enjoyed my coffee and the view from our room. hotelviewsOnce Greg finished work around 8am (gotta love working west coast hours while in Hawaii – can’t believe it’s been five years since I did that full time), we were off to climb Diamond Head. While waiting for the bus we saw our first rainbow and I started my palm tree photography obsession. prettyday

A quick bus ride and we were at Diamond Head.
IMG_5334_edited-1The entire hike is not more than two miles, but it’s pretty much straight uphill.


The views from the top are well worth the short hike.
view from top

Obligatory selfie followed by obligatory trade with another couple. usattop

Per the sign, it should take 60 – 90 minutes to complete the walk. We kicked ass and did it in 50. IMG_5347_edited-1It was nice to start the weekend with a little active adventure before we spent a pretty lazy day relaxing at the pool and napping. We happened to pick a restaurant for dinner that was right next to the condos Greg used to stay in as a kid.


We had plans to take a surfing lesson on Saturday morning. Greg had rented us a cabana for the day and as we settled in we decided surfing lessons could wait until our next trip. The Honolulu Pride parade went right past our cabana and Greg managed to get the Sounders game on his laptop. There really was no reason to leave our shady paradise the entire day. cabanaI was feeling a little guilty running off to Hawaii with how much schoolwork had piled up. I ended up coming home with so much work complete. Four and a half hours each way with no wifi does wonders for studying. I am actually feeling better with where I am now than I was before I went. I also got some studying in over the weekend. Studying in paradise is not too shabby.


Saturday night we tried an outdoor restaurant with Greg’s boss and his family. They have an adorable two year old, Maya, and it was fun to get to know Ian and Amanda more. Sunday morning we woke up and enjoyed breakfast at Hula Grill and one last gaze at palm trees. I heart palm trees.

IMG_5409_edited-1 I also heart TimerCam to get pictures of me and this guy. Great weekend and a great break from reality for a few days.IMG_5417_edited-1



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